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Enrollment for this class has ended.

Have you seen or heard how some folks have this huge, monstrous, end of year review process, or a ginormous goal-setting process for the new year and they sometimes even publish what they create in beautiful and professionally designed PDF’s that make your own process feel like you did it with crayons on the back of a Waffle House menu?

How about a year-end review and new year goal setting process that simply works and feels amazingly supportive to your heart, without all the complication and complexity?

Annual reviews and planning often feel overwhelming and complicated. (Much like landing pages, business, and relationships.)

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

A profound review and an effective plan for what’s next.

You don’t likely need a 5,000 word sales letter or a bunch of graphic pictures to convince you that reviewing what you’ve navigated through this past year and getting a solid plan in place for next year is a good idea. And you really don’t need something fancy that looks good in the previews, but isn’t that helpful.

Am I right?  Can I get an amen?

What you might need is some reassurance that it’s possible to do an annual review and plan without absolutely losing your mind, or it taking you 30 hours of work.

Be reassured… it can be both simple, easy, and profound at the same time.

I’ve done this a time or two (or dozen)

I’ve had my own personal annual review and planning process for over a decade.

When I first started, it was complex and took me weeks to complete.  And, it became an obstacle to get through versus a supportive, guiding document that worked for me.

So, as the years went by, I continued to refine what I was doing, and simplify it into a concise yet powerful process which I use every single month of the year, and it provides me with the exact guidance and motivation I need every time I need it.

Best of all, the way I’ve designed it, it gives me life, energy, and it feels light – not heavy, challenging, and burdensome.

Want some of this for your annual review and plan?

Here’s what you’ll get from this program

The Annual Review

  • Learn the simple acknowledgment process to review key events and outcomes
  • Connect simply to your own core lessons to support your forward progress
  • Understand the key learnings which will help you avoid staying stuck where you’ve been
  • Capture the essence of your being with clarity so you can be you more fully in the next year
  • Outcome: A clear and simple written summary of the essential elements of your past year so you can return to it as a mile-marker in years to come.

Your 2019 Plan

  • Learn how to identify a specific, reasonable number of intentions for the year
  • Understand how to set your intentions so they pull your achievement forward, without creating failure
  • Employ the six-step exercise to fine-tuning your life/business so it works better for you
  • Be deeply rooted in your spirit and Divine qualities along the way
  • Clarify your values (and your business’ values), your support team, and guides
  • Discover your annual theme which will guide you all year
  • Have a solid, simple plan in place to support making this plan a live, working document of guidance and motivation
  • Outcome: A powerful, written annual plan that will actively guide you towards your best year ever.

What’s Included?

Three 90-minute Live Online Classes

Participate in three 90-minute live Zoom conferences (audio, video, or both, if desired) will be held to teach the principles, talk through the process, and answer questions.

Mon, Dec 17 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

Fri, Jan 4 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

Mon, Jan 14 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

Audio & Video Replay / Download

If you can’t make it to the calls live due to conflicts, you will be able to listen to the replay of each call and download the video and/or audio.

Audio & video replays will be posted within 6 hours of the call being completed.

Worksheets for Each Step of the Process

For each section of the Annual Review and Plan, you’ll have a PDF worksheet which you can download and complete or fill out electronically.

Email Support In-between Calls

I’ll receive any and all questions you have in-between calls via email, and answer them all on video, which will be published on Friday’s the weeks between calls. (yep, even during the holidays)

This will help you get the support you know you need, and will help shine a light on things you may not have even though of.

The Agenda

Monday, December 17 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

The Annual Review – Principles, Process, Questions, Assignment

Friday, January 4 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

The Annual Plan – Principles, Process, Questions, Assignment

Monday, January 14 at 11:00 AM CENTRAL

The Living Document – Principles, Process, Questions, Coaching

BONUS: Personal & Business Core Values PDF

To support you in your process, you’ll have access to my Personal & Business Values PDF which will support you in identifying and developing a healthy relationship with you and your business’ core values, and provide a guidance system so you don’t lose them along the way in the coming year.

Enrollment for this class has ended.

Enroll by December 13, 2018

I invite you to learn my system for a simple, clear, and powerful annual review and plan for as low as $45.

You get to choose your price below, and I’m happy to show up for whatever feels good to your heart.

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What else? FAQ’s and other Tidbits you may or may not care about.

Refunds and Cancellations Policy

If you send an email prior to 5:00 PM Central time on Thursday, December 13, 2018, I’m happy to refund your enrollment in full.  After that date, there will be no refunds available.

What if I'm in your Coaching Program already?

As a benefit to those who are actively in coaching relationships with me…

If you coach with me once per month, you will have access to this material at no extra charge, but won’t be able to participate.

If you coach with me twice per month, you can participate in this program in full at no extra charge.

How will I access the videos, PDF's, replay's?

The Live Classes will be held on Zoom, and you’ll receive the link to the Zoom Calls before the first call on December 17th.

The email will also contain links to all program PDF’s.

After each class, an email will be sent with links to the replays: Audio & Video

The video replay will be on YouTube.

The audio will be normal MP3 format.

Will there be transcriptions?

Sorry, I’m not able to provide transcriptions of the calls.

Do I get more if I pay more?

Do you get more if you pay more?

Well, honestly, that depends on why you’d give more.  There’s all kinds of theories out there – if you pay more, you have more “skin in the game” and therefore will take it more seriously.  I don’t know if that’s true (I often don’t believe it to be).

You might think that offering more helps your heart feel more in resonance receiving what I’m offering if you contribute a higher price.  So, in that sense… yes… you get more resonance.

And, if you count helping to contribute to me being able to do my work with more folks in the world, because I tend to charge fairly low prices for coaching, so that those without means have access to stellar coaching that otherwise would be inaccessible… yes… I suppose you could consider that as “more….” more for your heart? Maybe?

However, do you get more calls, more content, more access, more stuff in this program?  No. Sorry.

The truth is that I don’t want to do it that way.  That doesn’t feel fair to those who don’t have financial means.  There are so many people out there – groups of people that have been compromised and hurt and left without access to resources because they didn’t have the means, and it’s horribly unfair.  People of color, Indigenous, Women, LGBT folks, etc.  It’s usually these groups who’ve historically received the bare minimum because that’s all they can afford, while greedy white men get extras because they have more. And so the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.  It would be a part of the broken capitalistic system if I did it this way, and I really want to do business differently.  I hope that makes sense.