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If you've been considering the Art of Your Nervous System Training, thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, I've had to postpone the public version of this program. I will be covering this same information in The Village at a more relaxed, flexible pace. You're welcome to check out The Village by clicking the button below.

If you have any questions, please reach out using the form at the very bottom of this page, or any other way you wish to reach out.

Are you stuck in endless cycles of stress, overwhelm, or burnout?

What if, instead, you could:

  • learn why your body enters those states
  • understand how to navigate through them
  • become skilled at self-regulation
  • expand your capacity for harmony, peace, and ease

Learn how to cultivate a healthy, supportive, nourishing relationship with your Autonomic Nervous System using the exclusive ∞actualinfinity Nervous System Experience Model.

What is Polyvagal Theory?

Polyvagal theory is a revolutionary approach to understanding how the nervous system impacts our physical, emotional, and social well-being. Developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, polyvagal theory explains how the nervous system regulates our responses to stress and trauma, and how we can learn to regulate ourselves in a healthy way.

What will you learn in this training?

The 3 Elements of Well-Being

These provide the foundation of understanding and connection to your self, others, and getting the most out of this training.

Physiological Structure of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)

You’ll get some science and biology around Cranial Nerve X, how it innervates the body, it’s impact on the HPA Axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal), along with some critical info on Allostatic Load, which has profound impacts on your daily experience and your ability to regulate.

The ∞actualinfinity model of the ANS Experience

This model is exclusive to this training and is the only known model to be inclusive of blended states and more accurately represents the full spectrum of experiences we have in our nervous system.

The 3 Guiding Principles of Polyvagal Theory

These principles help you understand what’s happening behind the scenes and will help bring into awareness powerful influences that affect your nervous system and how you navigate through the states.

The Three Core States of Your ANS

The three core states define the broad map of your nervous system experience. You’ll learn how all three work, how they affect you, and what it means for you and your body.

4 Blended States

The truth is, your nervous system is not linear. Most of the time, we are experiencing multiple states simultaneously. Building understanding with the nuance of how your states blend to form your experience allows you to navigate more effectively, and bring compassion to your experience.

Access to Love, Growth, and Wholeness

There’s a magical mixture of nervous system states which contribute to an experience that is grounded, peaceful, and productively active. This mixture is like a beautiful symphony of sensations, with access to the love of your heart, the growth of your mind, and the wholeness of your spirit weaving together in a harmonious flow. You become connected to yourself and the world around you in a way that is both profound and comforting. 

Your Personal Autonomic Nervous System Map

You’ll develop your own personal map of your experience with your nervous system. This will give context to your experience, help you know where you are, where you aren’t, and give your “placement” within your system.


In this section, you’ll learn some mind-blowing ways to expand your perspective and stay connected to your whole nervous system, instead of just the state you’re in.  These skills will help you widen your window of tolerance for discomfort, and find your way back to safety more easily.

Autonomic Cues

Your environment – internal and external – have a profound impact on your nervous system. The lessons in this section will give you a complete education on how to identify cues that impact you, and how to use them to influence your state.

Ventral Continuums

The Ventral Vagal state of your ANS is where you experience safety, are able to connect socially, and sometimes is referred to as the “rest and digest” state. Most people teach this as if it’s like a light switch, however, there is a whole spectrum of experiences you can have in this state and this section will help you deepen your relationship with this sacred state of safety.

Sympathetic Continuums

The Sympathetic state of your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is often referred to as the “fight or flight” response. However, it is capable of so much more. By exploring the full range of your sympathetic response, you can be more productive in a healthy and sustainable way.

Dorsal Pathways

The Dorsal branch of your Vagus Nerve is the part of your ANS that causes shutdown, collapse, and burnout.  One aspect of this state that you know well is overwhelm. There are pathways towards overwhelm and burnout, and pathways away from them. In this section, you’ll learn about both, so you can choose your path most wisely.

The Art of Regulation

Learning how to regulate your nervous system is a key component to minimizing shame, resentment, and hostility towards yourself. And the Art of Regulation is a critical piece of navigating trauma. So, if you have a shame &/or trauma history, this section will be profound.

Regulating Resources

Learning the Art of Regulation requires that you have the right tools, and you know how to use them to move through your experience with ease and grace. You’ll become equipped to move into states when you need them, and away from those states when they don’t serve you.

The Art of Your Nervous System is Jam-packed with Wisdom, Somatic Practices, Experiential Tools, and Research.

Training Sections
(shown above)
Individual Lessons with Video, Audio, and Written Transcripts
Worksheets, Research Papers, Handouts, Tools
50 +

Is this training right for you?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed, stressed, and often overstimulated?
  • Do you struggle to regulate your emotions and find balance in your daily life?
  • Are you looking to improve your stress management skills and overall well-being?
  • Do you feel like your nervous system is “all over the map” and wish you had more understanding about why?

This course will be extremely supportive for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

If you’re tired of feeling like your nervous system is working against you, and you want to build a stronger, more supportive relationship with your body and mind, this training will give you the tools to do so.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the basics of polyvagal theory, or an experienced professional looking to deepen your understanding and practice, because of the unique ∞actualinfinity Autonomic Nervous System Experience Model, you are guaranteed to discover a new perspective and relationship with your nervous system.

With a combination of online video lectures, live Q&A sessions, and interactive assignments, this training is designed to be accessible and convenient – even if you’re busy.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn at your own pace and get personalized feedback from Steve in the online learning portal.

No prior knowledge of polyvagal theory is required to participate in this course. All you need is a willingness to learn and lean into a deeper relationship with your nervous system.

I’m a trauma informed and polyvagal informed business and personal coach, and I’ll be leading this training.

I have done my own major healing work to support me through significant childhood trauma, complex-PTSD, and addiction.

I’ve developed a deep relationship with my own nervous system so much so that I’ve developed an entirely new, revolutionary model of understanding this relationship in a way that is unique to this training.

I’ve been through various forms of clinical therapy (CBT, DBT, etc.), worked with thousands of clients, and have attended hundreds of hours of training on trauma, personal development, healing, spirituality, the nervous system, and polyvagal theory. My most recent training was a 6-month intensive with Deb Dana and her certified trainers on the Foundations of Polyvagal Theory in Clinical Practice.

My special brand of magic is compassionately helping you navigate challenges that neurodivergence, high sensitivity, and trauma present while building a nourishing relationship with your nervous system. It is my great honor to help you navigate those challenges in a way that supports well-being, harmony, and more love, not less – all-ways.💜

Four Elements to Support You


Two Modules Released per Month
Access them at your convenience.

Brief Summary Video

These are 3-5 minute overviews of the full training videos. They will provide the essential nugget of wisdom.

Full Training Video

Lessons have full 20-30 minute videos with the full, deep contextual training. Videos can played at 2x speed.

Written transcript

Every video has a written transcript, in case that's easier for you to follow along with and help you study.

audio version

Every video also comes with an MP3 Audio Version you can download and play offline.


Most lessons have PDF worksheets to help you work through the material and integrate what you learn.

Somatic Exercises

Learn the experience of your nervous system states through your body. This is a "bottom-up" approach which tends to be very nourishing.

Diagrams / Visuals

There are written diagram's and visual representations of concepts to help you apply the training material and visualize what's happening in your body.

scientific research

Scientific research papers to support the training material are referenced and provided where possible.

Somatic Practices & Research

live support calls

Two Live Support Calls per Month
All calls recorded in case you can't attend live.
Call Schedule TBD

Coaching / Q&A

Get live support from Steve to answer your questions, or coach you through a challenge.


As time allows, Steve will guide you through exercises or somatic practices.

Share Experiences

You'll have a chance to share what's happening in your nervous system, and hear what's happening for others.

Get Clarity

If something is unclear or you need support integrating information, the live calls will help clear things up.

Post Questions

You have access to a private feed where all members can create posts to ask questions and get responses from Steve & others!

Get Feedback

Use the community to get feedback and reflections from others in your class.

Build Connections

You're not going through this in isolation. You can connect with and build relationship with your fellow students.

One Unified Support Hub

Everything is in one, easy-to-use hub, so it's easy to locate, return to, and stay connected. And... it's away from social media.

Private community support

Not on Social Media
Mobile App Available to Learn On-the-go

Timing & Length of this Training

There is no set schedule or timeline for this training yet; the specifics will be determined based on your input. Until then, let me clear up some of the remaining details.

Length of Program

Since this program has 15 modules and the intention is to work through approximately one module every three to four weeks, the program is targeted to last one year.

When Does it Start?

The program begins March 1, 2023 when the first Module is released. The first Live Orientation Call will be Friday, March 3, 2023 at 11:00 AM Central.

When Are Live Calls?

I look to get feedback from those who enroll regarding what days work best. I'm considering scheduling on the 1st and 15th of every month - whatever days those happen to be, and varying the time on those days to meet different needs, and my schedule. (Please see the FAQ for more details.)

Up the Safety, Lower the Risk

There's a few final details you need to know.

Usually, you don’t truly know if something is right for you until after you take it in and engage with it.

So, to help create some safety for you, I want to make this offer:

You can complete the first two modules of the class, and if you don’t want to continue beyond that point, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. 

This will give you a full month to experience the material, attend some live calls, and really get a feel for whether or not this is your cup of tea.

Yes, a complete refund if you cancel before module three is released.  It’s as easy as that. No questions. No pushback. 

Does that sound fair?

Surprise! Your First Practical Lesson about Your Nervous System

Learn How Your Nervous System Affects Your Buying Decisions

Flexible & Equitable with your Nervous System at Heart

plans & payments

All payment plans get access to the exact same thing – all the same benefits, features and support. Price variation is intended to keep the program accessible for those who are struggling financially, and give those experiencing some financial enoughness to help support tuition for other students and help support my work.

Monthly Payments

One Payment

For those experiencing
financial hardship

$ 100/mo for 4 months
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

The Regular Price

$ 110/mo for 6 months
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

For those experiencing
financial enoughness

$ 200/mo for 5 months
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

For those experiencing
financial hardship

$ 400 total
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

The Regular Price

$ 660 total
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

For those experiencing
financial enoughness

$ 1000 total
  • Training Modules
  • Somatic Practices & Research
  • Live Support Calls
  • Private Community Support

If you’ve watched the video directly above the payment options, and you need the support I talked about towards the end of that video to help you discern whether this training is right for you, here’s the link to schedule a 30 minute phone call with me. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  Or, you can use the form below to ask questions via email.

There are 15 modules of training planned and the pace of training is likely to be one module every 3 to 4 weeks.  At this pace, the program should be complete within one year.

People’s schedules vary and I want to do all I can to attend to various needs. Therefore, I am not yet setting a concrete schedule. Those who enroll will be asked what days and times work best for them. Then a schedule will be chosen based on the preferences of the groups. The schedule will be set and communicated on March 1, 2023.

No matter what price you select, you get the full set of resources and training. 

So why would anyone pay a higher price? Integrity.

This course is priced in a way that makes it more accessible for those who are experiencing financial hardship. If you’re struggling financially, you’re welcome to choose the lower price option.

However, if you are in a moderate income bracket, and your finances feel somewhat sustainable for you, you are encouraged to pay the regular price.

And, if you happen to have some financial abundance, I warmly invite you to pay the fee for those who are experiencing “enoughness.”  

This is completely on the honor system.  I trust you. I encourage you to trust yourself.

Check in with your nervous system – deep down, you’ll know which payment option is aligned for you.

You are invited to take the first two modules risk free.  The first two modules will be released in the month of March.  If you request a refund before April 1, 2023, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.  This gives you a full month of material, and two live calls to experience the program and decide if it’s what you need, or not.

After April 1, 2023 no refunds will be given.

Not to worry.  All calls are recorded so you can listen at a time which is convenient for you.

Additionally, because there is a robust community element built into this program, there are plenty of other ways you can get input, feedback, and answers to questions from Steve and others. You’ll also be able to submit your questions prior to calls if you can’t be there live and Steve will attend to all questions one way or another.

No.  This training is for anyone who is either on their own healing journey or supporting others on theirs.  

The training is in-depth, but goes at a pace which allows time for practice and integration.


I don’t believe in penalizing people financially because it’s easier on the budget to make payments.

Use whichever options works for you.

Still have questions? Prefer to connect via email, instead of phone?

Leave this field blank