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My Heart on Palestine / Israel

My Heart re: Israel / Palestine (Originally written and posted in The Village, October 11, 2023.) As overt and clearly visible violence escalates again for Israeli and Palestinian people to the point that more humans outside that region take notice, my instinctive reaction is grief. Every life lost is precious. Though

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Resonant Recipe

Master the skill of talking about your business with clarity and consistency without neglecting your humanity. This article shows you how.

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A Supportive Productivity System

I recently recorded a video walkthrough of how I’ve created a supportive productivity system. There are a couple key points I want to make in the text here that are really important to note when creating a system that works for you: A system might help you be “productive,” but

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Why You Might Feel Blah After Your Business Starts to Work

Why You Might Feel Blah After Your Business Starts to Work Many business owners, like you, work their asses off getting their business to a sustainable place.  Once it's actually working, you'd think they'd be over the moon and feel nothing but celebratory and ecstatic, right?  Why then, do so
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