Are You Sending Enough or Too Many Follow-up Emails?

You’ve had a sales conversation with a prospective customer. The conversation went well, and they are very seriously considering becoming a client.  You did a great job doing what I call [...]

You Don’t Have to Try So Hard

A couple years ago, I had a week of severe depression.  I’d been depressed before, but never that depressed.  This particular time, I was stopped in my tracks, as if I had been overtaken by a [...]


How to Develop Healthy Relationship with your Business

You may have a lot on your to-do list, and much of it might be staring back as you as if to say, “Why don’t you just get me done, already!?!?!?” Do you have tasks that you [...]


Heart Note – Excited

You might feel excited to take on the next week. If so… giddy up! Just remember… for the following weeks of the year, you don’t have to feel excited before you take action. Take [...]


Acceptance – The Reason Saying No is So Difficult

Sometimes, the reason it’s so hard to say, “no“ is because we get worried that as a result we’ll be disliked or won’t be accepted. #amiright? The fear of being disliked sometimes [...]


2 Healthy Ways to Work with Emotion

Emotions are like waves in the ocean.  They come and go, in and out, up and down, back and forth. Sometimes they crash together causing a huge splash, and sometimes they calm to just ripples. The [...]


Identifying the Cycles in Your Business

Most everything in nature has cycles.  Life is movement.  Things change.  It’s just how it goes. As humans, we try desperately to identify and predict the cycles.  We depend on it. Did you [...]


Why “Should” Feels So Shitty and 3 Ways to be More Helpful

“You should totally do that.” – a well-intentioned friend I remember one day long ago, I was venting to a friend about something I wanted to say to my boss at the time.  I was [...]