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I recently recorded a video walkthrough of how I’ve created a supportive productivity system.

There are a couple key points I want to make in the text here that are really important to note when creating a system that works for you:

  • A system might help you be “productive,” but that does not mean it’s supportive.
  • Productivity is a tool which has been weaponized by capitalism to get more out of you. It is purposefully neglectful of your humanity. Don’t treat yourself the same way.
  • If you’re neurodivergent, many traditional tools for productivity may not work for you. (They might… but chances are, you may need something different.)
  • The idea of being productive can bring up old trauma.  It’s important to build a healthy relationship with the concept of productivity. (I can help with that, if you need support.)

I have four guiding principles for my supportive productivity system:

  1. I need access to everything at my fingertips without it being cluttered.
  2. Simplicity is critical, or I won’t use it.
  3. It needs to have beauty.
  4. It can’t feel demanding.

This is the current structure I use, however, I change my structure a few times a year, and tweak frequently, which keeps it fresh, new, and interesting for me.  

This process takes me only 5 minutes in the morning to complete, and it guides me all day, and all week long.  

If you have questions or need any help to develop your own supportive productivity system, please leave a comment!  I love questions too, so please ask!

May you experience more love, not less – all-ways.℠💜

With kindness,

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