Acceptance – The Reason Saying No is So Difficult

Sometimes, the reason it’s so hard to say, “no“ is because we get worried that as a result we’ll be disliked or won’t be accepted. #amiright? The fear of being disliked sometimes [...]


2 Healthy Ways to Work with Emotion

Emotions are like waves in the ocean.  They come and go, in and out, up and down, back and forth. Sometimes they crash together causing a huge splash, and sometimes they calm to just ripples. The [...]


Identifying the Cycles in Your Business

Most everything in nature has cycles.  Life is movement.  Things change.  It’s just how it goes. As humans, we try desperately to identify and predict the cycles.  We depend on it. Did you [...]


Why “Should” Feels So Shitty and 3 Ways to be More Helpful

“You should totally do that.” – a well-intentioned friend I remember one day long ago, I was venting to a friend about something I wanted to say to my boss at the time.  I was [...]