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Invitation / Announcement - video #1

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Please watch the video all the way through, and then click the button below to go to The Village Invitation Page.

I’ll be sharing additional details and more specific information about The Village and how it will support you and your business in the weeks to come.  And, if you’re ready to jump in, or ask some questions, please head over to the Invitation page (click button above) and complete the form.

Can’t wait to see you there!

Update & Live Support Details - video #2

This video is 8 minutes (I tried really hard to make it quick) and in it I share an update on how things have gone since the Monday announcement, and then share some details of all the live calls currently scheduled in The Village, so you have a better idea of some of the live support being offered!  

In case you prefer to read, here is a rough transcript of the video.  (This is unedited from the AI used to transcribe.  Please forgive any mistakes.)

Hello, Steve Mattus with actual infinity again, this video is not going to have all the fancy stuff, because it’s late on a Tuesday night and this goes out tomorrow morning. 

And I’ve waited to record this tonight Just to kind of see how things went after I sent out the invitation the announcement on Monday. And I first want to say I’m going to keep this video much shorter, which is really, really difficult for me this is actually take two because the first video that I intended to be shorter was actually 10 minutes long, which wasn’t much shorter than what I said on Monday. And you probably don’t have another 10 minutes to watch, maybe you do, but maybe you don’t. So I wanted to make this a little bit shorter. 

The first thing I want to say is thank you so much to all of you who sent beautiful notes and celebrations and interest in the village, it’s really, really touched my heart, I’ve had some really amazing experiences and some beautiful exchanges with some folks, I was able to escort the very first person into the village today, we did a screen share, and I walked them in step by step. 

And it was really, really beautiful. And their feedback, their reflection was just it was it was so touching, they were so impressed. And so in all the beauty and the love, and the structure and the flexibility in the design in the way it was thought through and all the details that have been paid attention to just had me in tears, it was so so precious and so very affirming to get that, to get that kind of feedback, you know, you can get in your own bubble and not really be in full present awareness of how things are going until other people that haven’t been in it as much as I have, are able to come in and offer those reflections. So that was very, very affirming. 

So if you’re thinking about it, I hope that that maybe helps to create some safety for you to maybe give it a try, just please know that you’re very welcome. 

And that there’s no trap here. This community, the village is being done with love from my heart to yours. And I’m gonna treat you like a human, like somebody who really cares about you and your welfare. 

So if you want to come join us, come join us, I want to take just a minute to share very quickly about the the live kind of support that you have access to in the village. There’s all kinds of things that we do. 

There’s the remembrance call that happens every Monday at 11 o’clock am Central. 

Then we have the provision an action call. And there’s more details about all these calls on the invitation page, which is linked and you can go look at that. The provision an action call helps us be in healthy relationship with our source of provision, where we get our money, and food and all the provision that keeps us alive and sustains us. And how do we align our action in a way that helps lead us and bring us provision? Right. So it’s kind of like a weekly planning call. Getting in alignment with our hearts, our heads and our actions. Really beautiful, takes 20-30 minutes that happens at 11:30am. Every Monday, central time. 

Then we have live coaching calls right now that call is happening on Mondays that I’m looking at my schedule here. I think that happens I’m going to add a different, a different one. I think that happens at 10 o’clock or 11 o’clock on Tuesdays, I think something like that you can look on the invitation page, it’s out there, I don’t have that in front of me. 

Practice Patch calls, I’m super excited about the practice patch calls. I’ve never been in a community space where we were able to actually practice live doing difficult things. And I would love so much I craved having that space. But I was very rare to encounter anyone that was willing to actually practice with me, and it’s super vulnerable. And so I want to invite you into this very safe container where you know that you will be loved and cared for. You will not be judged or criticized, but you will be held. And there will be feedback and reflections in a way that doesn’t crush your heart, or at least will attempt to not crush your heart. Sometimes our feelings just get hurt. Because it’s a very vulnerable thing, right? But for all of that to be done with love to help you practice, something that maybe scares you that you don’t feel quite adept at, right. Let’s practice together. tough conversations with clients, sales conversations.

It doesn’t even have to be about business necessarily. We could we could rehearse conversations with partners or children or tough conversations with friends. Maybe people aren’t meeting your needs, and you’re not sure how to Talk about it, we could talk about that too. And practice those conversations together in a way that’s really supportive. So that in a safe environment, you can be messy, or you could cry, or you could say, mean things, to get them out, right and have that held and not be judged for that. So that you can kind of find your way back to your heart. Right. All of that is available on our practice patch calls, I’m super excited about those. 

And then next, we have divine qualities of great business. That’s where I teach about specific divine qualities and how we can operationalize those through our heart into having into our business or our business gets better. 

And then we have co working every Wednesday at 10 o’clock am Central, we have one hour of CO working time, super massively productive, super fun, really enjoyed that. 

And then we have campfire chats, which are smaller groups of people that come together so that we can just like sit around a campfire and chat and connect and talk about what’s real in life and what’s going on for us and maybe celebrate with each other or cry with each other or witness each other, listen, hold. Whatever, whatever is needed in the moment. It’s about connection and about love. I’m really excited about the campfire chats to, I’ll be adding probably another call or two in the morning hours, central time so that the friends from the UK are able to attend some of those calls as well. I’m working on some of that now. 

And now’s a great time to get in since we have a small number of people in the village. If you want some attention, if you have needs now that you would like address, there’s room for you. And my intention isn’t to grow this to 200 people in the next is or as soon as possible. I want this to grow slowly and organically. 

And I’m not afraid to tell you I’m actually super celebrating the fact that I’ve had a handful about five people that have inquired about village membership. So I’m not enrolling 50 people this week. Five. So if you’re one to five, you can have that attention. You can get the help that you need. Now’s a great time to step in. If you’d really like some help. 

And you can also help to craft what how the village develops over time if that’s of interest to you, so that you can help to craft to make sure that you get your needs met. So if you’re thinking about it, you’re welcome to inquire if you have questions or uncertain or not sure if this is right for me. Reach out ask a question. We can spend some time together if we need to have a conversation. help you make a really good decision for you what’s right for you. Not for me, right? I’m here to be in service to you. So check it out. 

Thank you for being here. I love you. I appreciate you and may you experience more love not less. Always. Bye for now. I do pretty good. It’s only eight minutes. I save like three minutes. Man, it’s hard. It’s hard to record short videos. I’m gonna keep doing doing my best. But there’s a lot here right there’s a lot here. So now I have to quiet down and see bye

Please watch the video all the way through, and then click the button below to go to The Village Invitation Page.

I’ll be sharing additional details and more specific information about The Village and how it will support you and your business in the weeks to come.  And, if you’re ready to jump in, or ask some questions, please head over to the Invitation page (click button above) and complete the form.

Can’t wait to see you there!

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