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small group coaching with steve

NOTE:  I am not currently running any small groups. If you’re interested in working with me, please complete the application below, and we’ll explore options based on your needs.

For entrepreneurs in earlier stages of business, who simply don’t have the income to afford individual coaching.

When it feels way harder than it should to get profitable and maintain a sense of ease.

When you really feel alone and long for a hand full of other sincere hearts supporting you like a team.

You have a fire burning in your soul.  It’s the alchemy of all your experience, knowledge, gifts, and growth that you’ve gained through the years.  More than anything else, you want to share it with the world. You want to share you with the world – in your business and in your relationships.

The world needs you and your gifts.

You’re feeling a bit stuck getting out there in a way that is both profitable and sustainable.  It might feel like you put in so many hours to share your gift, and few people are even willing to look at it.  Only a few who do consider it are compelled to work with you.

This makes you question your worth, your value, and sometimes even whether or not it’s possible.

All of this is natural. Starting and running a business is challenging. So is being in healthy relationship with our own hearts.

None of what you’re experiencing is because you are not enough, or somehow broken.

You can make this work.  You just need some support that’s affordable, but still really high quality.

There are three elements that all need consideration as you grow a business:

5 Elements to Grow a Business

  • Why

    There is an overwhelming amount of "should" in the business development field. You want to understand business principles about why something will work for you (or not).

  • What

    There are a lot of business strategies that work. What strategies will work for you, and be effective for your business?

  • When

    Implementing business building strategies at the right time, in the right order, is critical. It can save you years of effort if you get it right, or sink you if you don't.

  • How

    This is where most people stumble. Taking action - effective implementation - analyzing feedback - nimble adjustments. It's where the rubber meets the road.

  • Heart

    None of the steps matter if you neglect your heart along the way. The steps you take and strategies you implement will be most effective if made from a place of heart connection.

A deep and receptive connection to your heart and spirit.

Clarity around business principles, priorities and effective implementation.

Help from someone who has the heart and clarity, a track record of success, and willingness to help you with perspective, wisdom and implementation.

It’s a lot to manage all by yourself.

Are you ready for a team of helping hands?

Six Building Blocks of Effective Small Group Coaching

Skilled Facilitation

I’ve been facilitating Small groups for 15+ years.  There will be room enough for all of you, and whatever is being discussed will be framed so it’s helpful for you and your business.

Group Coaching

A small group team of no more than 4 people to connect with so you’re not alone, you have a sense of team, mutuality and with it, you get popcorn-style coaching from Steve. Fun and helpful.

Audio Recordings

Every call is recorded so you don’t miss those flashes of insight that come up in the moment!

Two 90-Minute Calls per Month

You have access to two 90-minute calls per month, so you’re never too far away from support, or your team.


During weeks where you don’t have a team call, you can partner with others on the team to get support, witnessing, insight.

Heart & Mind Guidance

Each call will include the spiritual/heart practice of Remembrance, along with some reminders, teachings and guidance from Steve.

If, after reviewing the elements above and the pricing down below, you aren’t sure if this option is best for you, please reach out with your questions in the form at the bottom of the page.

Choose an option that meets your needs.

If you complete an application before the end of 2018, the quoted price below will be valid through 2019.

(coaching can begin any time before the end of 2019)

  • Group
    $75/ monthly
    • Attend Small Group Calls with your team - 2/month
    • Call Recordings
    • Billed monthly until cancelled.

Important Note: Submitting an application for small group coaching is not a commitment to getting started.  If you complete an application, you’ll be able to schedule a call with Steve to explore the idea, discern what your real needs are and make your own determination, free from pressure or manipulation, regarding if/when/how you want to proceed.

Questions? Unsure?  Need some guidance?

Reach out to Steve using the form below.

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