individual support with steve

For entrepreneurs in earlier stages of business.

When it feels way harder than it should to get profitable and maintain a sense of ease.

Or, when life, relationships or your inner journey need some support to help feel back on track.

You have a fire burning in your soul.  It’s the alchemy of all your experience, knowledge, gifts, and growth that you’ve gained through the years.  More than anything else, you want to share it with the world. You want to share you with the world – in your business and in your relationships.

The world needs you and your gifts.

You’re feeling a bit stuck getting out there in a way that is both profitable and sustainable.  It might feel like you put in so many hours to share your gift, and few people are even willing to look at it.  Only a few who do consider it are compelled to work with you.

This makes you question your worth, your value, and sometimes even whether or not it’s possible.

All of this is natural. Starting and running a business is challenging. So is being in healthy relationship with our own hearts.

None of what you’re experiencing is because you are not enough, or somehow broken.

You can make this work.  You just need the right support.

There are three elements that all need consideration as you grow a business:

5 Elements to Grow a Business

  • Why

    There is an overwhelming amount of "should" in the business development field. You want to understand business principles about why something will work for you (or not).

  • What

    There are a lot of business strategies that work. What strategies will work for you, and be effective for your business?

  • When

    Implementing business building strategies at the right time, in the right order, is critical. It can save you years of effort if you get it right, or sink you if you don't.

  • How

    This is where most people stumble. Taking action - effective implementation - analyzing feedback - nimble adjustments. It's where the rubber meets the road.

  • Heart

    None of the steps matter if you neglect your heart along the way. The steps you take and strategies you implement will be most effective if made from a place of heart connection.

A deep and receptive connection to your heart and spirit.

Clarity around business principles, priorities and effective implementation.

Help from someone who has the heart and clarity, a track record of success, and willingness to help you with perspective, wisdom and implementation.

It’s a lot to manage all by yourself.

Are you ready for a helping hand?

Six Building Blocks of the Individual Support Program

Individual Coaching

Talk with Steve via phone one-on-one to go deep on business strategy and implementation, along with nourishment for your heart along the way.

Access to Classes

You will have access to any classes that Steve runs. (for 1x and 2x or more coaching services)

Quick Calls

Ever wish you had access to a coach to bounce an idea around, or get some clarity?  Now you can by scheduling quick calls in-between other pre-scheduled sessions.

Email Coaching

Email Steve in-between sessions to ask questions, review information and get feedback. Replies will be in written, video or audio form.

Audio Recordings

Every call is recorded so you don’t miss those flashes of insight that come up in the moment!

Dynamic Scheduling

A robust and always available online scheduling tool so you can book what you need, when you need it.

If, after reviewing the elements above and the pricing down below, you aren’t sure about which option might be best for you, please reach out with your questions in the form at the bottom of the page.

Choose an option that meets your needs.

Please note: As of 11.17.18 all of my 1x and 2x per month coaching slots are full.  I’m still happy to receive your application, have a conversation with you (which you can schedule after you submit the application), and if you ultimately decide you’d like to move forward with coaching, you’ll be put on my wait list, to be notified just as soon as an opening happens.  You’ll have first chance to take the open slot when it comes available.

  • Basic
    $250/ monthly
    • One 1-1 Call Monthly (60 minutes)
    • Listen to Class Recordings
    • Call Recordings
    • Online Scheduling
    • No Minimum Commitment
    • Billed monthly till cancelled
  • Complete
    $450/ monthly
    • Two 1-1 Calls Monthly (60 minutes each)
    • Action Plan Summary Emails
    • Participate in Classes
    • Text Messaging
    • Quick Calls between Sessions
    • Email Support
    • Call Recordings
    • Online Scheduling
    • No Minimum Commitment
    • Billed monthly till cancelled

Important Note: Submitting an application for coaching is not a commitment to getting started.  If you complete an application, you’ll be able to schedule a call with Steve to explore the idea, discern what your real needs are and make your own determination, free from pressure or manipulation, regarding if/when/how you want to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so low?

If only I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “You seriously need to raise your prices.”  I hear this all the time.

I have very good reason for my pricing strategy, and while this is a bit detailed, I want to be transparent, so if pricing matters to you, then please read this thoroughly.

For me, personally, I believe in a concept called “enough.” Living from a place that I personally deem as “enough” has been radically fulfilling for me. I don’t in any way impose my version of “enough” on clients, but for me, what I’m trying to accomplish in my coaching practice and in my business – they way I have things priced seems to be leading me to “enough.”

What does this mean?  It means that I am not seeking to be wealthy.  I am not impressed by big homes or fancy cars.  I like my toys, but the toys I enjoy don’t cost crazy amounts of money.  I like being at home, I’m not big on travel, and I have worked really hard to be debt free (except my mortgage).  I live simply, and comfortably, and that’s really fulfilling for me.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with financial wealth.  In fact, I’m a HUGE fan of it for my clients – if that’s what they want. Some of my clients bring in millions of dollars in revenue annually.  I don’t have money issues, I don’t think it’s the root of all evil, and I don’t think being spiritual and being filthy rich are at odds.  It’s just not what I’m after.

In the past, I’ve charged (and still do charge) much higher prices for coaching – so it’s not that I’m scared of quoting a high fee.

I also like to be comfortable, so I’m not looking to eat rice and beans while living in a van down by the river, either.  What I’ve found is that having “enough” is very satisfying to me.  I know exactly what that number is for my personal situation right now, and I’m very close to it.

My business model, the way I currently have things priced, gives me “enough” (when my practice is full), and that lets me run my business through deep relationships, a whole and complete heart, while working long-term with my clients.

Right now, the core group of individuals I’m wanting to work with and support are those who are new in business and resources are low, or they’re running a business and wanting ongoing support to help them grow, find harmony, or work on a larger scope of projects (including relationships, communication, spirituality, etc.)

Many of the folks I currently work with find my prices a stretch for the amount of revenue they bring in.  However, my pricing is massively lower than most business coaches, especially for the deep skill, vast experience, and masterful coaching I bring to the table.  I price my services this way because it’s what I wanted when I was in that place in my business.  I wanted someone I could talk to consistently to help me in a very personal, kind, powerful, and nuts and bolts way.  But every coach I found was so freakin’ expensive. And, let me be clear… the whole concept of “you are playing small unless you make a big investment” is absolute, utter bullshit.

I want to break the rules and provide a tremendous service to folks who would find this level and quality of support impossible otherwise.

So, here’s my general rule:  If you bring in over $250,000 in revenue, I will quote you a higher fee.  (Or, if you’re able to afford more due to having a multi-income household, or other circumstances, you’re invited to contribute more for our work together.)

Yes… this is based on my own personal judgement that if your business is bringing in that much revenue, you can afford to pay a higher price (not an exorbitant price, but a higher price than what you see on this page).  Yes… I know this is a line in the sand based on my own personal judgments.  Yes, I know I’m painting with a broad strokes, and this may not be universally true. I get it.  This is risky.  This is not traditional.  I believe that abundance begets abundance.  So, when we have abundance, let’s share.

It’s not only a way for you to get stellar support (and we’ll figure out a price that works), it’s also a way for you to indirectly support other entrepreneurs who need good coaching but can’t quite afford it.  You will be helping me subsidize newer entrepreneurs, struggling business owners, people of color, or those from the LGBTQ+ community who need someone to walk with them through this challenging landscape.

I have a handful of clients who fit this description, and I deeply respect and honor them for paying me a higher fee to help me do this work.

If you make over $250,000 and you’re not down with this line of abundance thinking… we’re not a good match.

Now, if you’re making less than $250,000, then these prices, are to support you.

I understand the struggle you’re in.  I empathize with the need for personal support that’s affordable.  I’ve arranged my whole life to do this work, and do it this way.  I’ve never had a financial windfall from a rich uncle, been left any money ever in any will or trust, and I haven’t received any financial support from parents or others.  I’m doing this on my own (with Divine support), and I’ve worked hard, like you, my whole life to arrange things as I have so I can do this – and I’m super passionate about it.

So, does that help explain my pricing strategy?

I hope it lands well with your heart… it certainly is a direct transmission from mine.  🙂

If you have questions or comments about it (positive / constructive), I’d love to hear them… either shoot me an email or complete the form on the “contact” page.

What are "Quick Calls," and how many of them can I schedule?

Quick calls last anywhere from 15-30 minutes that you can schedule with Steve to ask questions, get guidance, be witnessed, do spiritual practice, Remembrance, cry, whine, fuss, vent, celebrate, talk about puppies, tell a story, share awkward silence.  Whatevs.

How many can you schedule?  Well, let’s be reasonable… while I’m sure talking with you will bring me more joy than hot coffee in the morning, I do have other clients, and a whole business to run.  I don’t want to put any limits on it, simply because if you’re having an especially difficult time, or facing an especially intensive period of business, you might need a bit more support than normal. If they’re needed, we’ll have them.  If it gets to be “too much” for me, I’ll let you know kindly, and we’ll figure out some boundaries that will meet both our needs.

Fair enough?

How much email support in between calls is "too much" email support between calls?

Email support can be remarkably effective.  Some people use it, others don’t.  It’s up to you.

How often can you email?  Well, truth be told, email can get burdensome right quick, you know what I mean?  It can pile up faster than the snow on the peak of a mountain in January if you don’t manage it well.  And being buried in email isn’t going to make anyone happy.  And… you need help when you need help… so if you need help… send an email!!

I don’t want to put any limits on it, simply because if you’re having an especially difficult time, or facing an especially intensive period of business, you might need a bit more support than normal. If you need help, send an email.  If the amount you email gets to be “too much” for me, I’ll let you know kindly, and we’ll figure out some boundaries that will meet both our needs.

Fair enough?

What's the difference between Listen to Class Recordings and Participate In Classes?

For the Basic Program (1x/mo), you get to listen to class recordings.  This means that you won’t be allowed to attend the class live, but after it’s completed, you’ll have access to the recordings to listen to and/or download at no extra charge.

For the Complete Program (2x/mo), you will get to fully participate live in any classes that I teach as long as you’re in this program, at no extra charge. You’ll also have access to class recordings to listen to and/or download.

What are Action Plan Summary Emails?

Action Plan Summary Emails will be sent after each coaching call and include the following:

  • Personal note
  • Highlights of call content (this is not a thorough documentation of all items discussed, just a highlight that Steve noted)
  • A summary of to-do’s which are either in a section specified as such, or the to-do’s will be included in the other notes captured
  • Call recording
  • Link to schedule the next session
  • Link to the pre-call check-in form