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Are you longing to find a way to run your business from a deeply nourished place, connected to your heart and the Divine?

The spiritual practice of Remembrance gives you the framework and process. All you need to do is bring your heart and curiosity.

Please join me for 14-days of special Remembrance Practice.

Each day, I’ll send:

  • An email teaching an element of the Remembrance practice, answering a question, or offering a new way to go deeper.
  • Practical ways the Remembrance can support you and your business.
  • Some days, I’ll include an audio file for you to practice with, where I walk you through the Remembrance step by step.

At the end of the 14 days, I’ll introduce you to the actualinfinity Remembrance Treasury which is a large and growing library of guided Remembrance practices on varying topics to support you in every aspect of life and business.

And… along with this Invitation to Remembrance, I’ll also include you in my personally crafted Heart Notes which are concise nuggets of wisdom, reminders, or insights to help you stay connected to your heart and run a business rooted in love and kindness.  They’re often funny too. Easy to opt out of these if you desire – everything is customizable here.

So… are you ready?

Bring your heart – there’s room for all of you here!  Come on, let’s go!

I respect you and your inbox. No spam. Easy to unsubscribe, or change your preferences. And no way will I ever share your information without your clear consent – cross my heart and pinky swears.