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What people are saying about these notes...

  • I appreciate seeing these notes show up in my email. They usually make me stop and reflect for a few moments. I think that their brevity is a good thing because it forces me to pause and figure out what the words mean to me, or how I can apply the ideas in my life and relations with others. They are a positive influence and often give me the validation that I need as I make changes to improve the quality and authenticity of my life. I appreciate being able to receive these message and for all the various and sometimes subtle ways that you have influenced my life and decisions for the better!

  • I live a pretty positive life. Most people I know look to me for a dose of positive energy. To receive your daily thoughts, helps to direct my thoughts when even I am having difficulty staying positive.

  • You’re note are the best !! I really look forward to them. 🙂

  • Steve, Nicely said!  I enjoy your ability to step back and look at the whole thing. Keep up the good work! God bless you

  • I really like your authentic voice! You are kind and thoughtful, and I really feel at this point like I am getting a missive from a friend each time.

  • Thanks for this timely reminder.  Felt contraction this week.  Was exploring it and this reminder was exactly what I needed.  😘


    Christina DeLage
  • Thanks for this one today. Can't tell you how much this helps.

  • Your love notes always make my day. I appreciate you!

  • The message yesterday was very eye opening. I thought about it all day. Thanks for all this!

  • I just wanted to take a quick break from work and say THANK YOU for these Heart Notes. I have enjoyed every single one. They are simple, meaningful and speak directly to where I am in the moment. Your Heart Notes are now my favorite inspirational email subscription. I am thankful for YOU....and we've never even met! What a magical gift!

  • All these emails of yours are very, very cool.

  • No truer words could have been spoken today. Thank you. I really appreciate your encouragement even though we've never met.

  • Thank you Steve... I really needed this today!

  • Oh, thank you! So simple and something I need to hear at times!

  • In response to a Heart Note, one reader responded changer here...many thanks and have a great week!

  • I enjoy the daily notes. I read them every day. Even when I’m out of the office for several days, I don’t delete them until I read them. It gives me some perspective and keeps reminding me of important truths to focus on in business and life. The quick note is easy to read, I can contemplate the message and be on with my day with a great nugget in mind.

  • I just wanted to tell you again how much I love the notes.

  • FABULOUS! Thank you.

  • I absolutely love getting the gift of your weekday notes. Sometimes they are simply a good reminder, but often they are amazingly on target, a serious wakeup call. They actually do help me think differently. There are several that I have printed out and posted in my study/work space. Sometimes your thoughts are the most grounding element of my work day.

  • Your notes are one of three I open on a regular basis...which says a yes, they make a difference!  What I really like is I can count on a good nugget, quickly.

  • Hi Steve, just writing to say: I love your love notes so, so much! All of them. Every time. Thank you ❤️!

  • What a wonderful note!  Who’d of thought your notes could get EVEN BETTER!!  But, they have…

  • I like your Heart Notes very much. The most appreciated of all newsletter-like things in my inbox.

  • Thank you Steve. What a lovely message.

  • I love seeing your notes! I love how thought provoking your notes can be, and many times when I'm going through personal stuff, your notes seem to hit home.

  • Andrew Thacker
  • Miriam
  • Your notes are creative, humorous, inspiring, and precious!


Ethical Marketing Statement: The vast number of quotes I share with you in the section above is intended to serve only two purposes:

  1. they are a small reflection of the kinds of responses I get from readers of my notes every week, meant only to help you discern more clearly for yourself if perhaps it’s safe to share your email with me;
  2. they are a celebration from my heart of the joy I share with readers in writing these notes each week.

Just because others like my notes does not mean you will.  These quotes are not intended as “social proof.”  Please be assured… if you don’t like the notes, or you don’t enjoy the frequency of the notes, it’s easy to unsubscribe or change your preferences.