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Steve Mattus, Ph.G

Ph.G = Prophetic Genius

How audacious, right?

It is.  That’s why I love it. For me, it’s confronting and challenges my conditioned definitions of what I’ve been taught about what these words mean.

However, after reading the definitions, understanding the words more fully, and de-conditioning my perceptions, I can now embrace this fun designation, which has been given to me by a number of different people, clients, and friends over the years.

Yet, to be clear, this is not something that I am, but instead, is something that I have.  It’s something which is not mine, not sourced in me, but moves through my heart.

Prophetic Genius is an acknowledgement that:

I have a natural capacity and strong inclination towards Love in my spirit and thereby earnestly live for, proclaim, and steward the cause of more love, not less - all-ways.💜

Embracing this has challenged me and invited me to more fully embody my sovereignty in service to the movement of Love.

This designation is used with a light and playful heart because the truth is, like all of us, I know very little – and that’s the magic of it.  Within the willingness to not know, where curiosity and wonder live, we find peace, love, kindness, our deepest humanity, and our connection to Oneness. And it’s from Oneness which all prophetic genius flows.

Will you join me in this cause?

And/or, for what cause are you a Ph.G?

P.S.:  My Aunt thinks that Ph.G stands for “Doctor of Goofiness,” which is also a true statement. 🤣

more love, not less - all-ways.℠💜