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A few of the nice things people have said…

Andrew Thacker, CRPC – Private Wealth Advisor

Ameriprise Financial

I have worked with Steve for many years. He was part of the hiring process into my career/business 18 years ago, and over that time frame I hired him for business consulting, personal coaching, and even marital counseling (successfully excelling on all levels).

At the core of this broad spectrum of services is a VERY VALUABLE talent to get to the core/heart of whats real, what isn’t and how to best proceed for progress that is truly the progress I am wanting.

I really don’t think you can go wrong ever risking hiring him – his integrity wouldn’t allow you to proceed unless he felt he could be of service.

Eternally grateful for Steve. For he has been a DIRECT influence in my successes as a: Father, Husband, Human being, and Franchise owner.

When I started working with Steve I was lost and confused. I wanted results but I didn’t have the clarity to achieve them.

During our 8 months together, Steve showed me the right mind set to achieve internal success that will naturally reflect in my work life as well as my personal life. Steve taught me the importance of being true to myself to set goals that will make me expand and not contract. He held me accountable in a caring and professional way that was the key for me to get unstuck. He showed me that we can be successful and still be true to our self.

I will never forget the day he told me, “uninspired actions will lead to uninspired outcomes.’ From that day forward I stopped struggling and started working with my heart. He also showed me how to address situations with a structure in mind and how to evaluate decisions that will bring specific and measurable results as well as peace of mind.

Some examples of the results I achieved in our time together: I developed two business mostly from scratch, created websites for both, crafted multiple offers, learned strategies for effective marketing and networking, and am beginning to connect with potential clients.

No matter how inappropriate I felt sometimes, Steve made me feel safe and taken care of. He put his full-self in every session and he was genuine in every word. Steve seems to be knowledgeable in any field but most importantly he understands the principles that apply to any business.

If I need a coach in the future for any of my enterprises, I hope he is available.

Carolina Blaksley, Health Coach

Thressa Connor

Steve is an incredibly gifted coach and teacher. The work we have done together has made a significant impact on me and how I run my business.

He intuitively knows when it’s time to dig into processes, systems, and details and when it’s time to step back and reconnect with (and heal) your heart.

I’ve had so many profound realizations during our coaching calls – the kinds of things that change me forever.

In between coaching calls, Steve has provided encouragement and support that helps me maintain momentum and resist that tendency to slip back into old habits.

I am incredibly grateful to have Steve by my side as I grow and expand – as a business owner and a human.

Tina Delaney

TLCD Concierge

Marie Mikkonen


I’m an artist and creativity coach, and before I started working with Steve, I would blame myself harshly for not doing sales and marketing in a way that led to the profits I wanted.

What I hoped for, in starting coaching, was to learn to understand how to lead my company in a way that would work for me on a personal level, for my clients and as well as in the world we are living in. And I wanted to be able to make a living as an artist and a sensitive.

The compassion, level of connection and depth that Steve brings to coaching is transformative. This is then combined practical advice and assignments that take my business forward at a steady pace. I especially appreciate that we can do this work, that is at times deep and tearful, with a light heart and lots of laughter.

I started out coaching with the questions: Can I do this? Is it possible to be me, combine the different areas of my business, serve my clients and live a good life, or do I need to take a job somewhere? Now, little by little, I’m having access to kindness, mercy, appreciation, trust, safety and a sense of the pace I need to go at, as well as making a profit in my business again.

I would especially recommend Steve’s coaching to anyone who wants to take their business forward and honor their sensitive heart while doing the work.


Update: September 18, 2018

When we talked for the very first time about coaching, with Steve, I remember him saying something akin to, “Well it sounds like you could use more internal kindness, support and resources, and that is definitely something we can work on. I remember feeling hopeful and also a bit sceptic, after all I had spent so much time working on this in my life, and still came across severe self-criticism for much of the time.

Yesterday I became aware of being harsh with myself, and started to show myself warmth and compassion for the way I was feeling. I noticed how long ago it was that I had felt like that, and realized that this is something that has really shifted in my life.

The kindness and compassion present in the coaching container, combined with the precision and discernment in finding the real questions that need coaching make Steve’s service something that is one of a kind.

If, in addition to wanting business coaching, you struggle with perfectionism, self-judgement or a harsh inner reality, I highly recommend Steve’s business coaching.

Working with Steve is a delight. He is grounded and intuitive, structured and open to the formless. Specifically, he has been present with me to give me advice on which systems to use in my company or to help me through blocks that seem to keep me from moving forward.

I have been working with Steve for over a year now and have a solid, thriving service business.

Perhaps even more important, I’m learning how to balance my work life with the many other aspects of my life so that I don’t feel overworked or taken advantage of.

Steve is funny, caring, compassionate and understanding. I feel safe working with him and being open, honest and transparent. Because of this safe place he creates, I am able to more fully dive into the things holding me back so that they can be resolve or danced around.

So incredibly grateful for our work together.

Ann-Marie Hall-Pond, LMT

Avalon Holistic

Jeraline George

Psychotherapist, Counsellor

From my first experiences with Steve, I knew I wanted to work with him and receive private coaching.

I was looking for someone who has the perfect balance of business experience, marketing skills (especially with heart-centered businesses) and a tremendous amount of empathy, patience, presence and compassion. Steve has all of this and more.

He knows how to bring a balanced approach to helping entrepreneurs like me, who don’t want to come across as icky and salesy, and just want to do our work, successfully, from the heart.

Steve has helped me slow down my rushed and panicked tendencies toward getting my business going, helping me to take a caring, organic, from the ground up type of approach, one that brings my heart and my passion into it.

He’s helped me know that, even though my business might be considered a bit alternative by some, that I have something significant to give to the world, and supports me in manifesting it.

I’ve needed a certain amount of hand-holding in setting up systems and approaches to market my business, and Steve has come through for me.

I whole-heartedly recommend Steve to anyone who wants to bring care, compassion and love, as well as highly tuned skills, to their marketing plan and approach.

Thanks Steve!

Susan Bensen, Sound Healer

Chase Bossart

Yoga Well Institute

I have found tremendous value in working with Steve as my business/life coach. I include “life” because the principles that we work on transcend the business environment.

He is in tune with the balance that is required in my life and is aware of the fundamental values and priorities within my practice. He is not afraid to challenge me toward a new way of thinking and processing to ensure I get what I really want.

When I roll out an initiative within my practice, Steve asks insightful and thought provoking questions which help keep me focused and driven. Steve elicits my thought process, awareness and curiosity to be continually engaged in between sessions, which extends his value far beyond our scheduled time together.

He is an integral part of me being able to move my practice forward and make a difference in my clients’ life, and in my community at large.

(Jay is a current client, actively working with Steve.)

Jay Carpenter

Ameriprise Financial Advisor

Alli Brook, Owner

Your Virtual Allies

The first time I heard Steve coaching on a group call, I immediately noticed his talent for compassionate communication – it was as if he’d hung a sign reading, “Come as you are!”

He has a true gift for reminding others of the importance of the heart, even and especially in business. This is balanced with pragmatic support, a true valuing of the external actions needed to fulfill our heart’s desires and to find the next steps for business and personal life. He balances generosity with clear boundaries and truly walks his talk, having transformed life lessons into invaluable guidance and wisdom.

(Alli is a former client who worked with Steve.)

Steve is not only very knowledgeable as a navigator and coach, he is also transparent in his communications, over giving, and so heart based.

He is exactly what I have needed to expand my business and continue to move forward!

He is a treat and a blessing and I look forward to a long relationship with him. Thank you Steve!!!

Lorilei Brogan

Overall, how would you rate your experience with Steve?
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ (10/10)

Working with Steve is an amazing experience for me. He completely holds the space for my inner brilliance to shine through. I’m a multi-passionate Person which means different circles, diverse interest and offering. Working with Steve, he completely holds the space for all of that and me. Rather, than less, fit into a tight space. Expand and contract and feeling supported and seen all the way through.

Bere Schriewer

Leader for Good