Privacy & Security

It’s important to you, and me.

Updated August 4, 2018.


Privacy is no laughing matter.

This policy aims to explain how your data is collected, used, shared, transferred and stored so your mind and heart can rest assured that whatever you share here is safe and treated respectfully.

(It’s also very booooooooooring.  Sorry about that.  So, while this is no laughing matter, I tried to sprinkle in some fun things, so that it’s at least tolerably readable.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me.

Personal Information – Collection & Use

Personal information is any identifying information regarding a single person, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.

Browsing the actualinfinity site doesn’t require you to give us any information.  Contacting actualinfinity, Steve Mattus or anyone on the actualinfinity team will likely require you to share some personal contact information so we can be of service.  Additionally, completing any forms on our site will require you to share some personal information, and is also your explicit authorization for actualinfinity to store and retain that information indefinitely (unless you request it to be permanently deleted or updated).

If you don’t wish to share any personal information, it will likely mean that we are not able to provide you service or respond to queries.

The information you provide may be added to a more complete record of other personal information you’ve shared in the past so that we can be of better service.


What personal information is collected?

It varies. It really depends on how you’re interacting with us.  Here’s what I can tell you, though… no personal information is ever collected which you do not proactively and voluntarily share with us.  There is never any use of any nefarious data gathering tools to gather additional personal information that you haven’t voluntarily, openly and transparently given.  If we need a piece of personal information, we’ll ask for it clearly.  If we don’t ask for it, we don’t collect it.

Some examples of personal information that may be collected via forms, purchases or emails:

  • Name
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Credit card information
  • Date of birth
  • actualinfinity username/password
  • Photo
  • Website
  • Other contact information or preferences


How your personal information is used

Any personal information collected is stored in our internal systems such as email address book, Secure WordPress database, our secure automated marketing system (currently Infusionsoft), and in any payment processing systems (e.g.: PayPal) so we can identify you, understand how you wish to interact with us, and provide services which you request such as programs and coaching.

We may use your personal information to help us create, develop, design and offer services or marketing that may be of value. Of course, none of your personal information will be shared (see below) but when we create products and services, we’re thinking of the hearts of individuals – not “mass markets” of people.  We might think of you, personally, when we have the next brilliant idea for how to be of service.  We want to be transparent about that.  (And, thanks in advance for being so awesome!)

Your personal information will be used to communicate with you, sending you emails, notices of services, updates and other notifications.  Sometimes, information such as your address will be used to send a card in the mail, or a small gift, like cookies or chocolates.  Or, maybe even a brand new computer.  (But probably not a computer, cause… you know… I gots my own bills to pay, yo!)

Your personal information might also be used for internal statistical analysis of the business and it’s operations – to make it better for you.

Also, if there is ever a promotion, contest or other fun activity offered through actualinfinity, your personal information will be used to manage any of those programs.

Non-Personal Information – Collection & Use

Non-personal information is that which does not outrightly identify a single person such as occupation, zip code, area code, IP Address, city, time zone or device type.

We do use services such as Google Analytics, Pixel Tags and Cookies to better help us understand user behavior, patterns and the effectiveness of the website, services and products we’re offering here at actualinfinity.  None of these services gathers personally identifying information, but can help your experience using actualinfinity services to be more smooth, seamless and enjoyable.

Should any of this non-personal information get combined or connected in some way to personal information, it will all be treated as personal information, for as long as it’s combined or connected.

We don’t share your information

There’s not a whole lot extra to say about this.  actualinfinity does not share or distribute, sell or share any of your personal information to others for any reason.  We just don’t do it.  Not for a gajillion bucks.

actualinfinity does use third party service providers to help administer the operations of the business such as Infusionsoft, Paypal (or other payment processors), Facebook, and other various online tools.  However, this information is only used in an effort to run the business, improve products, services or offers, and enhance your user experience.  Your information is never shared with anyone so that they can solicit business, products or services from you.  Ever.

Security & Protection

It’s important that your personal information is securely transmitted to us, stored with us and protected at all times.  And, while I don’t know exactly what 256-bit socket layer encryption or salted-hashes are or how they help protect you, I hear that it’s bad-ass level security ninja type stuff… so… yeah… good stuff… all detailed below.

The actualinfinity website uses up to 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption to protect any data you send us.  Additionally, Every email we send from the following domains will be cryptographically signed using DKIM and originate from an IP address we publish in our SPF record, so you can trust that it’s really from little ‘ol Steve or someone on the team.


All technology used in actualinfinity which may store or access your personal information are locked with passwords and encrypted for your security (this includes backups to external hard drives and backups to the cloud using the secure service BackBlaze ).  Additionally, physical computers are typically either cable locked to the building or stored in a fire-proof safe during longer absences.  Seriously… you should see it in here… it’s a labyrinth of cable-locks peppered with padlocks, and laser-guided missile pointed at my windows, to discourage thievery.  😉

No physical (paper) documents with personal information are kept on file.

All technology is automatically updated with the latest security updates within 15 days of release.

All passwords used to access the systems that contain your information are 12 character strings of random mixed elements, stored using LastPass which uses AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 and salted hashes to ensure complete security in the cloud, along with local-only encryption and two-factor authentication.  So, even if the computers were stolen, there is no access to your data. Passwords are never stored within browsers or other systems which can be breached.

Our third party service partners also use similar security to protect your information and all are in compliance with all regulatory, privacy and security mandated by law.  Linked below are all of the external services utilized by actualinfinity which handles, processes, transmits, stores or otherwise access various pieces of your personal information which you submit:

Any information you share with us which includes explicit permission to use as a testimonial or case study on our site may include personal information such as name, a photo, your city and your website URL.  Additionally, if you participate in or share any information on a social media platform such as Facebook as a part of an actualinfinity program, that information is visible to others and may be collected or used by them.  You are responsible for how you use your information on any site outside of actualinfinity.

Any personal or non-personal information we gather from you may be retained indefinitely, unless you ask us to remove it, in which case we will (outside of necessary, legal, or financially critical information). If you want all or part of your information removed from our systems, all you need to do is ask, and we will absolutely take care of it.  You can contact us here.

You retain control

You can listen to the soundtrack to this section while you read! (Opens in a new tab.)

It’s your data, and you have the rights to determine if, how and when it’s used.  You have the right to be informed what information is stored, and why.  You have the right to ask for a copy of all the information stored.  You also have the right to correct your information so that it’s accurate.

You are warmly invited to ensure your contact information and contact preferences are complete, accurate, and current. If, at any time, you feel that your information is inaccurate, please contact us here to update your information.

You are able to adjust your preferences for contact and/or unsubscribe from all email communication by clicking the link that appears at the bottom of any of our system-generated emails.  Or, you can simply let us know how you prefer to interact with us, and we’ll honor your request.  Also, at the bottom of every email is a link to update your contact information.  Please use this link to keep your records with us current.

If you want your data erased from our system – please make a request, and we will happily confirm that this has been completed within 30 days.

If you are not happy with how your data is being handled, you also have the right to file a complaint.  You can do so on the FTC website, or with the ICO for UK/European complaints.


We do everything in our power to honor and respect your privacy.  If you have any questions, concerns or other inquiries, please reach out and ask.

This privacy policy may be updated from time to time without notice, so please revisit this page to keep yourself up to date.

Thank you for visiting, and may all of our data on the web be secure, protected and respected.

And, may the will of Love be done, all-ways.