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The recordings on this page are generally about 15 minutes in length, unless otherwise indicated. You may listen by clicking the link and streaming the Remembrance, or download the MP3 to your computer to use offline. Enjoy!

❗️? – Indicates that the Remembrance recording has been uploaded in the past week.

– Indicates that the Remembrance recording contains one or more explicit words.



Help for being with whatever is right here

Spacious, Simple Connection with your Heart

Deeper connection with your heart – 2 Long Periods of Silence

Deep, Quiet Connection

Help for making choices when you are uncertain

When facing the unexpected, what does the Divine have for you?

When you mind is overwhelmed, and you keep turning to the Divine to help hold it all so you can find some relief

When you really need true, complete rest

When you have a willing, open heart that is also overwhelmed, over-stimulated, and uncertain about how to show up for important causes you believe in, such as racial justice. (25 min – this is part Remembrance, interwoven with prayer)

❗️?Accessing Your Full Creative Powers

Heart / Emotions

Reconnecting to a sense of peace when you’re unglued or overstimulated

Soothing what’s become calloused, hardened, rigid in your heart

Resetting & clearing our relationships with others for a fresh start

When your feelings get hurt.

Accessing a deep, profound sense of Divine Peace – Long Version (30 min )

Accessing a deep, profound sense of Divine Peace – Abbreviated (18 min)

❗️? Gently working with Feelings of Anger