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Oh!  Well… dear, kind-hearted you… Risking getting it wrong or failing can be scary!

Isn’t it lovely to know how sincerely you wish to get it right?  No doubt, it comes well intended – you want to optimize so that your clients, family, or friends have the best opportunities and you’re able to be of your very best service. Yeah?  So much empathy.

Here’s the thing… often in life and business… we rarely know which choice to make.  We have to pick one and see how it works out.  We have to take a step, then get feedback, and then reassess.  The question then becomes… what would you have done if this option hadn’t existed?  Would you have bravely clicked Yes or No? Would you have taken the leap into the unknown?

Give yourself a little pat on the back.

The two answers are still there, waiting in the email for you.  Why not go and click the correct answer, and see how it feels.

Go get ’em tiger!


I heard a great question recently… a good one to ask yourself:  What do you live by?

Wanna know what I live by?  I believe that all hearts are worthy of more love, not less – all-ways.™ 💜

That includes you!

Okay… now you take a turn.