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Oh!  I see.

Well, congratulations… you’ve proven that you’re willing to take a little risk of getting it wrong, even moving forward when things don’t really even make sense.  Nicely done!

This happens often in life and business… we rarely know which choice to make.  We have to pick one and see how it works out.  We have to take a step, then get feedback, and then reassess.  That’s what you just did… you took the step, you brave soul, you!

Give yourself a little pat on the back.

What other risks are you gonna blow through today?

Go get ’em tiger!


I heard a great question recently… a good one to ask yourself:  What do you live by?

Wanna know what I live by?  I believe that all hearts are worthy of more love, not less – all-ways.™ 💜

That includes you!

Okay… now you take a turn.