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Human to Human – One on One



For business owners who need support to foster healthy relationship with their business, along with all the ways personal life, neurodivergence, trauma, and sensitivity impact the business journey.


When you need support to foster healthy relationship with yourself, work, life, and relationships. This provides a profoundly strong and compassionate way to be held and supported as you navigate challenges, especially when neurodivergence and trauma are a part of the mix.


Sometimes you just need a helping hand to walk you through the troublesome technology.  This is individual hand-holding to help train you how to use a piece of software, learn how to maximize an online tool, connect various system, or simply eliminate your biggest tech headache once and for all.  I’ll personally walk you through all of it.

This includes using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in an ethical way to support your business.

genuine community and learning


An online space for kind-hearted, highly sensitive, neurodivergent business owners with past trauma who need practical support and loving guidance to help successfully navigate business in a way that works for your system and invites more ease.

workshops & experientials

This is human-first development at its finest. Learn, integrate, and experience a new depth of relationship with things such as Boundaries, your Nervous System, and Business Fundamentals.

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Discover the miracle of your nervous system. Learn the skills to navigate your body’s stress patterns with more self-compassion and less shame based on the exclusive ∞actualinfinity Autonomic Nervous System Experiencing Model.

Boundaries Wisdom Class