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Thank you for sticking around.


I welcome feedback, if there’s anything you would like to suggest, change, or adjust, I’m open to hearing everything and implementing what makes sense.  Just reply to any email I’ve sent you, and write as much or as little as you like.  And, if you have no feedback, that’s cool too!


?? Thank you for being here – for choosing connection. ??

Since you’re just jumping in, here’s a little actualinfinity & Steve Mattus Trivia!

Steve once sang in front of _____how many?______ people.

When he was little, Steve’s aunt nicknamed him Sparky______?______.

Steve believes that ____?_____ is the answer.  All-ways.

Steve’s Italian Greyhound dog’s full name is:  Connick Alexander ___?________.


(Click the link and learn the answers!)