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Sample Teaching Section

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This blog post is going to be about how we have a passion for something and expected to provide us a living. We’ve been told repeatedly for decades that we can turn our passions into profit. While that’s possible, that may not be our path.
Our path is different than our passion.
Nothing can get in the way of us practicing what we’re passionate about. We can find time in life to engage with our passions. If we decide to frame our passion in business, then we are defining how we will have access to our passion. This raises the stakes in both our passion and our business, because we limit access to our passion if our business fails. The risk is doubled because not only is what we’re doing putting our sustenance at stake, but also putting the reason to stay alive at stake.
This also occurs when someone feels “called” to do something. I hear with clients all the time that they feel called to provide a specific service, teach on a specific topic, or share some incredible modality of healing in the world. The way I understand it, which could be wrong, is that when we are “called” to do something, that is the divine revealing in us a spark that we must allow in our life.
Things get murky when we begin to define how that spark is allowed to shine, namely when it brings us money. When we are called to do something, we can’t not do it. Whether we can build a business around it or not, whether it’s something we can sell or not, whether it will help sustain us financially or not, we must do it. And, because we are called to do so, we do it with joy.
When we define that the calling must pay us, we are conditioning The calling.
What if a business is not part of the calling?

Reminder: For Wednesday’s Action call at 1:00 PM Pacific, please be sure to download the Weekly Action Sheet from the Business Page (if necessary, review the info on how the call works on that page too). Also, if you attended last week’s call, find the action sheet you used and have it handy.
We hope to see you on the call!

  • Steve is an incredibly gifted coach and teacher. The work we have done together has made a significant impact on me and how I run my business. He intuitively knows when it's time to dig into processes, systems, and details and when it's time to step back and reconnect with (and heal) your heart. I've had so many profound realizations during our coaching calls - the kinds of things that change me forever. In between coaching calls, Steve has provided encouragement and support that helps me maintain momentum and resist that tendency to slip back into old habits. I am incredibly grateful to have Steve by my side as I grow and expand - as a business owner and a human.

    Tina Delaney
    Tina Delaney TLCD Concierge
  • I have worked with Steve for MANY years. He was part of the hiring process into my career/business 18 years ago, and over that time frame I hired him for business consulting, personal coaching, and even marital counseling (successfully excelling on all levels). At the core of this broad spectrum of services is a VERY VALUABLE talent to get to the core/heart of whats real, what isn't and how to best proceed for progress that is truly the progress I am wanting. I really don't think you can go wrong ever risking hiring him - his integrity wouldn't allow you to proceed unless he felt he could be of service. Eternally grateful for Steve. For he has been a DIRECT influence in my successes as a: Father, Husband, Human being, and Franchise owner.

    Andrew Thacker, CRPC - Private Wealth Advisor
    Andrew Thacker, CRPC - Private Wealth Advisor Ameriprise Financial
  • I'm an artist and creativity coach, and before I started working with Steve, I would blame myself harshly for not doing sales and marketing in a way that led to the profits I wanted. What I hoped for, in starting coaching, was to learn to understand how to lead my company in a way that would work for me on a personal level, for my clients and as well as in the world we are living in. And I wanted to be able to make a living as an artist and a sensitive. The compassion, level of connection and depth that Steve brings to coaching is transformative. This is then combined practical advice and assignments that take my business forward at a steady pace. I especially appreciate that we can do this work, that is at times deep and tearful, with a light heart and lots of laughter. I started out coaching with the questions: Can I do this? Is it possible to be me, combine the different areas of my business, serve my clients and live a good life, or do I need to take a job somewhere? Now, little by little, I'm having access to kindness, mercy, appreciation, trust, safety and a sense of the pace I need to go at, as well as making a profit in my business again. I would especially recommend Steve's coaching to anyone who wants to take their business forward and honor their sensitive heart while doing the work.

    Marie Mikkonen
    Marie Mikkonen Crealife
This agreement isn’t intended to be overly formal or restrictive - it’s meant to be in service to us both, to provide clarity and safety, so we can feel supported enough to lean into it as needed through our working relationship together.

The details outlined below relate to the agreement between you and Steve Mattus at actualinfinity. This agreement takes effect starting when the first payment is made and continues until cancelled.

Please review this carefully and check in with your heart to see if any important details are missing or inaccurate.

What's stated here is the standard agreement, and any modifications or amendments will be outlined in the section below, when indicated.

Our Responsibilities Together

  • We will be thoughtful in our communication together - responding in a timely fashion, usually with one business day (Monday through Thursday are my business days).

  • We will be on time for our sessions and ready to meet. If there is a sickness or other emergency which unexpectedly interferes, we will do everything we can to reach out to each other with as much notice as possible to reschedule. If this becomes a habit on either of our parts, we’ll bring it up with respect and discuss so we can figure out what adjustments need to be made to meet each others needs.

  • We will share our perceptions, what we are noticing and how it’s landing in our hearts and minds with honesty, compassion and empathy.

  • I will not be negatively judgmental about or shame who you are or what you do.

  • The guidance I provide you will come from my heart, offering the very best of me, shared with directness and tact. I will use every resource, technique, tool and system I’m familiar with to support you. You’re encouraged to hear it and consider it. If you feel resistance, you will name it with me, so we can work with it so we can find a solid path forward that works for you.

  • I will be honest with you if the area we’re working on is out of my wheelhouse or realm of expertise.

  • If we ever disagree, get upset or have conflict, we will listen to understand each other’s perspective and will be straightforward in sharing what feels true for us. The goal will be, not to agree, but to hear one another with respect and empathy so we can find a path forward that works for us both. 

  • Tell each other clearly and directly if there is ever, in any way, anything said, done or insinuated which we feel violates safety, autonomy or choice. This includes anything that related to unconscious patterns of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, body shaming, gender related bias, sexual identify, or any other unhealthy pattern. These must be named if observed, so correction can be made. We assume that any of these or related patterns are unintentional and we will treat each other with love and kindness, while also being clear and willing to explore our unconscious bias, privilege and fragility.

  • I am not a therapist. You are always free, and encouraged, to seek professional help for any problem, whether emotional or physical. If I believe that you need other professional help in certain areas, I agree to tell you so that you may decide whether you want to seek additional help.
 You have the freedom and invitation to talk about any topic whatsoever with safety. Steve is willing to discuss any topic that you bring up or clearly invite into the discussion. If there is anything that either are unwilling to discuss or is “off-limits,” we will be clear in saying so, and that will be respected.

  • We will continue to work together under the framework outlined in this document until either of us feels complete and is ready to stop. When that time comes, we agree to give each other at least 30-days notice so we can come to a healthy place of completion together.

  • If either of us feel a need to adjust any of our working agreements in this document, we will discuss it together, in advance, giving each other at least 30-days lead-time, to discern if those adjustments will work for us both. 

Also, you agree to…

  • Ask questions if you don’t understand something.

  • Be responsible for your own actions. You will rely on your own agency and free will in making conscious choices about what you’re doing and how you’re approaching your life and business (if applicable).

  • Understand that when doing work of this sort, it’s likely that emotions may arise, difficult or challenging things may be faced within you. If/when this happens, you’ll share with Steve so he can support you effectively.

  • Tell Steve clearly and directly if there is ever, in any way, anything said, done or insinuated which you feel violates safety, autonomy or choice. This includes anything that related to unconscious patterns of racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, body shaming, gender related bias, sexual identify, or any other unhealthy pattern. These must be named if observed, so correction can be made.

  • Be responsible to take advantage of the services Steve is offering. Per the details outlined below in the Payment & Details section, you are paying a fee on the frequency outlined (like a retainer) and, for that fee, you have access to all of the services available to you, as shown below. It is up to you to take advantage of them - coaching calls do not carry forward. For example: If you have access to two phone calls per month, and due to your own sickness, vacation or otherwise you are not able to complete both sessions in a month, the session does not carry forward.

  • Be clear that, coaching is a commitment to change over time, progressively working through step after step, and all that comes with growth. Therefore, unless you've made other arrangements (outlined below), or chosen Occasional coaching, this coaching arrangement is intended to be an ongoing relationship that does not pause, take breaks, or start/stop intermittently. Because life happens, consideration can be given when circumstances are severe and not of our own choosing. However, you understand that if an ongoing coaching relationship is stopped, paused, or a break is taken, when resuming, the fee for services will become the current rate charged for your level of service as shown on the "Individual Services" Page.
  • You understand that Steve will take one week off per quarter and the last two weeks of December every year. Those weeks off will be communicated at least 30-days in advance (usually more) so you can plan ahead to ensure you have access to fully utilize all your available services.
  • Make your payments on time as agreed upon below.

Payments & Details

(in US Dollars)
Since we are free to discontinue working together whenever it feels right, there are no refunds. You are encouraged to be thoughtful with your payments so you can cancel prior to whenever your next payment is due.

By submitting this form to Steve, you are agreeing to everything outlined in this agreement.

After you have submitted this form, you will be sent a copy of this agreement which will include further instructions, or a link to set up your payments, along with a link to schedule your first appointment.

Please be sure to check your email after submitting to complete the process.
I am very excited to begin working with you.

I’m confident that this will be both a nourishing and productive collaboration.

With all my heart,
Steve Mattus
Steve Mattus, actualinfinity
Please click below to accept this agreement and send to Steve (cc: yourself). Thank you so much!

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