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Thoughtfully designed and lovingly facilitated

An online space for kind-hearted business owners when you need practical support and loving guidance to help you successfully navigate business in a way that works for you and invites more ease.

Delivered in a way that respects sensitive nervous systems, overwhelm, and Introversion

The Village Logo

you're longing for...

Strong, clear guidance for your business and your heart which alleviates overwhelm and helps you make decisions you can trust and feel excited about.

You've probably already...

...and you're left feeling burnt out and buried.

You may feel like you've been doing it wrong, not able to get your act together for some reason, or maybe you're starting to believe that you aren't cut out to be in business.

None of that is true.

It's just that most online business training and communities are simply not designed for

those of us who won't blindly follow all the traditional business practices. Why? Because usually, when we've tried, it feels like we have to be someone or something we're not. Or, it doesn't align with our values, and/or hurts our heart.

The good news is...

The Village is different.

Instead of impersonal and unresponsive leaders...

...we aim to have significant personal presence and attention.

The Village is different.

If this is the kind of support you need, I'd like to welcome you to ...

The Village Logo

No other online business/heart space we’ve found feels like it truly understands what it means to be sensitive to the heart, and so skillful in practicing sincere, loving acceptance while offering such a breadth of business support.

If you’re ready to get started, you’re welcome to click the button below. ¬†Otherwise, please read on to learn more!

The key elements of support:

Imagine being on a long, lonely journey on a boat. You’ve been on this journey by yourself for a long time, and you’ve finally discovered a small, quaint village on the distant shore.

As you row to shore, you can see that there is a friendly face there, waiting for you on the dock.

Not only is the person kind and warm, they offer a hand to assist you out of the boat, and they welcome you to The Village. They offer you a warm blanket, some food, drink, and invite you to the Welcome Center where they will personally guide you through all the aspects of The Village, including how to set up your own home safely, comfortably, and in a way that totally works for you.

That’s what we hope The Village will feel like if you choose to join us.

Inside The Village, what you’ll find are seven main paths that connect you to everyone and everything.


Support Element 1


Topics cover things from Overwhelm and Self-care, to Marketing, Business Models, Systems, and Web Design, to name a few.

Most of the articles and posts will have a topic associated with it. You can subscribe or unsubscribe to each topic, so if you don’t want to hear about Web Design, then you don’t have to see it. Join the topics that matter to you, and anything posted in that topic will show up for you. If it’s too much, then leave the topic, and you won’t see it anymore. All the information will still be there for you… it just won’t be in your face. That’s how we take care of our overwhelm and make this sustainable. Only see what you want to see, and only when you want to see it.

Topics also help you find what you need when you need it. You may not need to see the resources on Web Design every day you’re in The Village. But what if a question pops up one day, and you need something? Then you can go look, and find everything associated with Web Design, with just a click or two. Super simple. Less overwhelm. How about that?


Support Element 2


One of the key aspects of The Village is its members. We like to call them Villagers. These are people like you who can empathize with what you’re going through. You’ll be able to reach out, connect personally, and privately, right in the app.

Here in The Village, you can find other Villagers by specialty or geography.

Each Villager has a personal profile where you can introduce yourself if you want, link to your website, and include a couple photos of yourself too. Share what you want, if it feels good to do so.

And, because we’re humans, sometimes we need some space, and there’s ways to block others, so they don’t see you, and you don’t see them. Hopefully that won’t be necessary, but in case it is, it’s good to know you have all the flexibility in the world.


Support Element 3

Live Online Events

One of the highlights of The Village are the Village Events. These are live calls (some including optional video) where we gather together to connect our hearts, and accomplish or learn something together. Audio is always available, video is sometimes available (but always optional – you never have to be on video if you don’t want to – and can still participate fully if you desire) and most events are recorded so if you miss something, you can watch it, listen to it, or read the transcript at a time that works better for you.

The live events in the Village are your opportunity to get live, in-person support from Steve, or other Villagers, to help you make progress in growing your business, and/or nourishing your heart.

You’re welcome to attend as many or as few events as you like. You will see more of the event specifics in a section below.


Support Element 4

The Heart-Connected Interactive Feed

In the main feed of The Village, you’ll be able to find all the latest articles, posts, and questions, along with fun, interactive polls and charts.

This is also one of the ways you’ll be able to share and receive support from other Villagers.

It’s like Facebook, without all the “Facebook.” ¬†Ya know? Plus you won’t have your attention or your data sold to the highest bidder! ¬†Instead, you’ll just see posts, comments, and guidance from other good-hearted business owners just like you – many whom have been where you are now – all ready to help in a way that shows loving-kindness, wisdom, and support for you to be you!


Support Element 5

Live Workshops

These weekly workshops are where we have the chance to enter the cathedral of our hearts, to deconstruct the harmful, unsustainable ways business has been done in the past, and re-develop healthy ways to be in relationship running and growing a business.  

We discuss topics critical to running a profitable, nourishing, and sustainable business such as: Marketing (although marketing is pretty much dead to us… we’ve re-organized around the love based idea of “contribution”), Money, Productivity, & Systems.

Wanna turn the relationship with your business on its head (in the very best of ways)?  These workshops are exactly where it happens.


Support Element 6


The Guidance Section is the place where you find support and resources for your heart and business.  

This is not a huge list of complicated or self-directed courses that will take you months and years to complete. For the most part, it’s bite sized, easy to complete and implement resources that will help teach, guide, and instruct you with what you need most right now.

This section will be growing all the time, based on the expressed needs of Villagers.


Support Element 7


Remembrance is a practice of returning, reconnecting, and receiving nourishment through the heart.

It’s similar to meditation, yet is about filling up with love and other beautiful and powerful qualities. It’s¬†a way of exploring your relationship with the Source of Love, reminding you of the essence of who you truly are.

Recorded Remembrances are in a growing Treasury by topic so it’s easy to find and listen to a Remembrance whenever you need it.

What kinds of things do we teach, discuss, and hold with care?

Self-Care / Spiritual


Burnout, Overwhelm, and Self-care


Spiritual Practice

Feelings, Needs, Neediness

How these topics will support you:

There’s a good reason we bump into challenges with these topics. ¬†It’s usually because we don’t know what else to do, or are sick to death of trying to figure it our by ourselves.

In The Village you can receive holding, compassion, and support with all the ways challenges are showing up for you.

But we won’t stop there.

We’ll help you understand the underlying reasons why patterns are there, and offer practical steps to soothe yourself, develop strong practices, and begin to heal, resolve, and transform these challenges at their root.

You’ll experience significant relief and be able to take positive steps forward in your business.

How these topics will support you:

The topic of provision can bring up so much tenderness because it directly relates to your most essential needs for survival.  

You may experience shame in your relationship with money, feel beaten down and exhausted trying to manifest provision, and/or overwhelmed by the abundance of contradicting opinion about how you’re “supposed” to run your business.

In The Village, you learn how to step into a healthier relationship with money. ¬†Through guidance, structure, and caring support you’ll learn how to navigate these tumultuous waters.

You will also enjoy the refreshingly aligned ways you can set up your business and your services in ways that feel good to your heart, and really work for your clients.



Money & Finance


Business Model

Creating offers / services

Sales & Marketing


3 Spheres of Marketing

Social Media


Content Creation


How these topics will support you:

These topics are often totally gross to work with.

You may be glad to hear that in The Village, we have an entirely new system of language and relationship with these concepts which completely transforms them.

Yep! ¬†Marketing, Sales, and Content Creation are things of the past. You’ll learn what to do instead, how to do it, and you might even learn to love it, the way we teach it.

What would it be like for you, if you actually enjoyed “marketing,” felt completely comfortable in “sales” conversations, had your Social Media use in harmonious balance?

We spend time with each of these.

How these topics will support you:

The skills and training needed to start a business are varied and complex. With guidance and coaching you can avoid many missteps – saving you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

Once you get your business running, how do you keep it running and growing without overworking, and without burning yourself out?  

Steve is a systems wizard, and has interviewed and hired several hundred employees throughout his career.  

When you bump into capacity issues, you likely need systems.  When you have systems and still bump into capacity issues, you likely need a team. 

Learning how and when to implement both.

Start/Run a Business‚Äč


Starting a Business



Hiring, Building a Team




Web Design

Tech Resources

How these topics will support you:

Tech is one of those things designed to make your life easier, but it only accomplishes this goal when its utilized properly.

If you’re not tech savvy, technology can be such a big headache! ¬†If you learn how to use simple tech in powerful ways, you’ll be ahead of the curve. ¬†In these topics we’ll talk about what tech to use when, and share recommendations and training on the technology you use most. Plus, Steve can help troubleshoot many issues in a jiffy!

Web design can eat up an enormous amount of time. ¬†Does your website need 8+ pages? (Short answer: NO) Learn what you need and what you don’t so you don’t waste your time and energy.

How these topics will support you:

Healing trauma, social injustice, and climate change are critical to healthy, responsible business. ¬†We don’t shy away from talking about racism, guns, trans rights, or other important issues of justice.

In The Village, Steve leads and supports conversations you may be scared to have elsewhere. It’s safe to be messy here, to say the wrong thing as you learn, to ask vulnerable questions. There is space for shame to be held and for wounds to come up.¬†

Healing requires love, witnessing, and sincere empathy, and there’s an abundance available for you here. Come learn how to heal and be held in relationship with these dynamic and challenging topics.



Social Justice



What if I'm getting overwhelmed already?

Please know that this is normal.

It’s like I’m trying to give you a tour of New York City in an hour.

It’s is a lot. ¬†Just understand that you’re trying to take in a lot of information so you can feel safe in your discernment process about whether or not The Village is right for you.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s because what’s on this page is reflective of just some of the skills, decisions, and areas of expertise required to run a business.¬†

The hard truth is that business is hugely challenging and often overwhelming! ¬†It’s just part of the deal.

This is precisely why The Village is important. It can be a trusted, safe, spacious resource you know you can rely on when you need it.

There’s so much that goes into creating and maintaining a healthy business, you can count on The Village to be an ongoing resource for you over time.

Oh! ¬†And… they way The Village is set up, you can adjust your settings so you don’t see anything that’s not relevant to you. Hide any topics that feel overwhelming, and show only the topics that are most relevant to what you need today. ¬†Brilliant!

And… despite it being a LOT of info, I want to give you all the information you need to understand if you want to come be a part of The Village.

Fair enough?

Meet the Village Council


Years in Business


Students Served


Desire to be of service

Ultimately, this is up to you to decide. However, what I can tell you is that I’ve been leading online groups of various sizes for about as long as online groups have been around.

My empathic skills, intense commitment to love, and confidence/experience handling conflict and discomfort make me uniquely suited for this work. 

An ordained minister trained in spiritual holding and healing, I understand how to walk with and hold a safe space for extreme tenderness or intense rage.

I also have a deep understanding (along with the other Village Council Members) for what makes an online space attractive vs. distractive. ¬†For instance – once a month, we facilitate one post where you can share your own businesses goods and services. ¬†However, before you talk about your stuff, you’re first asked to give a gift of some kind to the other Villagers. We call this the Generosity First post. It’s not-so-little details like this that I pay attention to, and it really makes a difference.

We also have clear, beautiful, and strong guidelines to help everyone interact in healthy and productive ways that meet all our hearts, along with a supportive structure for reporting and handling problems when they come up.

I'm not doing this alone.
One of the things I'm very conscientious about are power dynamics, and how they can play out when one individual has total control - especially in a group setting. So, I've chosen to share the administration of The Village with two others whom I trust with my whole heart and soul. I love these two humans with all my heart, and I'd love to introduce them to you!

Mark & Ginger Falcone

These two beautiful humans make up ‚ÖĒ of the Village Council, where we make decisions for how we can best be of service.

Here's an introduction directly from Ginger and Mark:

My name is Ginger Falcone, and I’ve been in business, in one way or another, since I was 12.

I’m a licensed therapist and an intuitive and I’m passionate about identifying and healing the deep unconscious barriers within the human psyche that prevent us from being authentic and achieving our goals in life and business.

In addition to being a member, I’m also here to support Steve as we keep our fingers on the pulse of The Village to make sure stays healthy, resilient, and available to meet the evolving needs of its members. I look forward to holding a space of empathy and compassion, and to help you feel safe and welcome here.

My name is Mark Falcone, and I’ve been in business for 20 years in the construction trades and I’m in the process of building another business.

I’m passionate about self-awareness and how bringing unconscious patterns into our awareness gives us more choice and power in our lives. So many people have told me I create a feeling of warmth and trust when I’m with them. I know how to set people at ease and help them feel safe, comfortable, and supported.

I’m excited to support Steve and help build a community of people who want to express their unique gifts and do business in an authentic and meaningful way.

Live calls so you get the support you need in real time!

One of the focus areas for The Village is the live support.  Why do we focus on this, instead of courses and ebooks?

Because your heart and your situation doesn’t fit into a formula. ¬†If it did, the previous dozen courses you’ve taken would have resolved whatever’s keeping you stuck.

Also, courses often suck at holding your heart with grace and compassion while still offering practical guidance.  With live support, your practical, emotional needs can be cared for in a beautiful way.

The list below outlines some of the amazing live calls we host in The Village

The Village Workshop

Weekly, Monday @ noon ET / 11 CT / 10 MT / 9 PT

The Village Workshop - 60 minutes

The Village Workshop is a time for us to come together to work through the real stuff Рthe hurt, trauma, stuckness, challenge, resistance, etc. so we can name it, face it, and find a way through it while respecting our heart and nervous systems.  

Each week, Steve records a 15-30 minute teaching video diving into a variety of topics: Polyvagal Theory, Trauma, Marketing (or, “Contribution” as we say it in The Village), Money, Productivity, Systems, Content Creation, etc. ¬†Then, we use that as the basis for conversation and practice in The Village Workshop. ¬†

This is where the deep work is done and where we talk about those hard-to-talk-about things that usually get bypassed in most business contexts.  

The Contribution Workshop

Monthly, 2nd Monday @ noon ET / 11 CT / 10 MT / 9 PT

The Contribution Workshop - 90 minutes

Here in The Village, “marketing” is basically dead to us. ¬†We’re deconstructing the coercive, manipulative, and exploitative tactics that are so prevalent in traditional marketing and reconstructing healthy, sustainable, and, dare I say, enjoyable ways to share about our businesses.

In this workshop, we enter the cathedral of our hearts, to do healing work, polishing away the rust and crud from how we’ve been conditioned to think about being visible and sharing our services.

Once we’ve nourished our hearts, we are able to rebuild a new relationship which we call Contribution. ¬†It’s a radically different relationship – one that actually works for you and your business, and doesn’t crush your spirit along the way.

The Systems Workshop

Monthly, 3rd Monday @ noon ET / 11 CT / 10 MT / 9 PT

The Systems Workshop - 90 minutes

Unless you’re one of those people that are wired to think in “systems,” they can be a real struggle.¬†

Fortunately, Steve’s brain is wired around systems and he has a special knack for identifying, developing, and refining systems. ¬†And we’re not just talking about general systems here, Steve teaches supportive systems. These are systems that work for you, instead of you working for them.

Systems are a critical part of developing a sustainable business. ¬†The trick to developing systems that work for you is understanding how you work – what are the parts that work for you, which parts don’t work for you, and how do you build a cohesive system that won’t leave you hanging, frustrated, or broke?

In this workshop, we talk about a wide variety of systems – from the fundamentals of systems thinking, to those related to email, time management, energy, client service, business administration, communications, teams, organizational systems, etc.

Building systems isn’t always the most glorious work, but when systems are working for you – it is glorious.

The Money Workshop

Monthly, 4th Monday @ noon ET / 11 CT / 10 MT / 9 PT

The Money Workshop - 90 minutes

Oooohhhhhwweeeeee, money is a prickly topic. Money is a huge source of trauma, pain, and stress in our world. We need a safe, strong, loving container to help heal our relationship with money.

In The Money Workshop, we turn to face the pain so we can heal from the conditioning we all have stemming from our various backgrounds with money.  We work to unlearn habits, thought systems, and patterns that tend to make money scary or painful.  

We also look at every aspect of how money is working in our lives, and support each other in creating nourishing, grounded, practical systems and support to help create a new, healthy, and abundant relationship with money and financial practices in our lives and businesses.  

We talk about debt, saving, spending, tracking, bookkeeping, taxes, investing, budgets, tools, practices, and all the feelings, emotions, and experiences related to each.

Provision & Action

weekly, mondays @ 12:30 ET / 11:30 CT / 10:30 MT / 9:30 PT

Provision & Action Call - 20 minutes

We all need provision Рour human nature is one of neediness and provision is what meets our needs, whether that be financial, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. 

Provision doesn’t always feel easy to come by though. ¬†So often, we put the entire burden of obtaining provision on our own precious shoulders – and it only partially belongs there.

The Provision & Action Call is designed to help you clarify, simplify, and align your actions from a place of love. In this call, you’ll discern¬†what steps to take and when, so that you consistently move your business forward and make powerful progress in practical ways.

Coaching Calls

monthly, 2nd Tuesday @ 2 ET / 1 CT / Noon MT / 11 PT
Monthly, 3rd Tuesday @ 10:45 AM ET / 9:45 CT / 7:45 PT

Coaching Calls - 1 hour

Two Live Q&A Sessions with Steve every month – AM and PM times to meet various needs, such as those who live in the UK or Europe. You can submit your question in writing via the online chat, or talk live with Steve. (Video is completely optional.)

Additionally, each question during these coaching call audios will be will be time-stamped so you can find and access the precise guidance on the topic you need without having to listed to the whole call.

Co-Working Sessions

Weekly, wednesdays @ 11 ET / 10 CT / 9 MT / 8 PT

Co-Working Sessions - 1 hour

During this hour, you’re invited to come for an hour of intensive focus, or using the Pomodoro technique. We’ll start with a quick check-in, and then get to work. At the end of the hour, we’ll do a quick check-out and celebrate all we got done.

This is a brilliant way to focus and make forward progress on your most critical tasks – and you can work independently and yet not have to do it all on by yourself.

It’s one of my favorite things.

Campfire Chats

Monthly, 2nd thursday @ 6 ET / 5 CT / 4 MT / 3 PT
Monthly, 3rd Thursday @ 10 ET / 9 CT / 8 MT / 7 PT

Campfire Chats - 1 hour

Two Campfire Chats each month to meet needs of those in the UK, Europe, and US – These are small, intimate gatherings where we get together and simply bring our hearts to be in connection with others – no problem solving, no advice, just deep connection and nourishment.

Depending on the number of RSVP’s, we’ll either stay in one group, or break up into smaller groups of four or five each.

A topic, question, or practice will be provided.

And, feel free to bring s’mores.

If we’re in one group, the call will be recorded.

Practice Patch

Monthly, 3rd tuesday @ 5:30 ET / 4:30 CT / 3:30 MT / 2:30 PT

Practice Patch Calls - 30 minutes to 1 hour

One of the things really missing online is an opportunity to actually practice business skills together – in a very safe and supportive container.

During this live event, we’ll invite any Villager who wants to practice a skill to step onto the virtual patch, and practice with Steve, and receive feedback from the participants, if there’s consent (with no pressure).

If there are no volunteers, Steve will roleplay various skills, and answer questions along the way.

Or, we’ll discuss a skillset related to business and work through tough challenges together.

These calls will be recorded and posted in an easily accessible library.

Divine Qualities of Great Business

Monthly, 1st tuesday @ 2 ET / 1 CT / 12 MT / 11 PT

Divine Qualities of Great Business - 1 hour

This call is focused on a Divine Quality and how it can support and contribute to healthy operational business practices.

The call will include things such as readings focused on the quality, Remembrance, and discussion/Q&A, as time allows.

These teaching calls will be recorded and available in the resource library.

Your Custom Group

Whenever you want to schedule them

You can host your own private group!

Have a mastermind and want a separate place to facilitate the group and communicate with each other privately, right within The Village?  We can help you with that.

Want to gather a small group of people working together on a project and you’d like a private, secure place to chat, direct message, post photos, videos, etc.? You can do that.

Want to host a book club? You got it.

Meet some new business buddies in your local town and want an online place to commune in-between in-person visits? Do it in The Village!

Anything you can dream of, we can help you facilitate a secure and private group for anyone who is an active Villager. You could even charge extra for it inside The Village!

In your private group, you can schedule online or in-person events, have a list of topics, have private group chats (think: Slack), post articles, questions, or polls.

That's cool and all, but how many courses are included?


Why so few?

In all my years of coaching and community leadership, I have yet to meet anyone who needed another course.  Most people I meet have spent way too many hours and far too much money on courses that yield a good idea or two, but most of the material sits on the shelf, or tucked away in a folder in their computer somewhere Рnever being fully used.

In The Village we focus on laser focused support, delivered when you need it most.  No wasted time.  No wasted money.

We have a “guidance” section where, over time, we’ll be adding very focused, practical business design training which will help you implement what you learn swiftly and easily. ¬†We will be adding Guidance Modules as you request/need them.

How much extra will each Guidance Module cost?


Why so much?

We don’t believe in fleecing Villagers like many other online groups do. ¬†See, the way many other online groups are structured, they get you hooked into their community for a low price, but then they charge you extra to get the best stuff. It’s a constant upsell process. ¬†You’re treated like a cow, and they’ll milk you for all they can. ¬†We treat you like a human here. You pay for your membership, and we believe that’s enough.

More on this later, after the payment options sections below.


If you're longing for...

strong, clear guidance for your business and your heart which alleviates overwhelm and helps you make decisions you can trust and feel excited about,

please consider joining us in the village.

The Village Logo

here's what you get access to when you join The Village:

Plus: We have plans for virtual retreats, short "sprints" to help develop and practice new skills, learn/implement new systems, plus other exciting opportunities to come.

live and interactive support accessible to everyone

Pricing that's sustainable.

We know financial situations vary, and so, out of respect, we’ve provided pricing choices to meet your needs.

You choose whichever feels right in your heart. You can bump up or down at any time, for any reason, no questions asked.

Choose whichever price feels most resonant for your heart

Simply click the button to submit your information.

No credit card info needed now - we'll get to that later

$40 / month

Everything on this page is included. When money is especially tight, use this option.

$80 / month

Everything on this page is included. If you can afford it, you're welcome to use this option.

$120 / month

Everything on this page is included. If your financial situation is abundant, you're invited to use this option.

what happens when you click that button above?

Click any button on this page, and you’ll be taken to an online form which will allow you to submit your information so we can participate in the discernment process along with you, ensuring that becoming a Villager is a healthy choice for you and us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. But not only for them. 

If you own a business, feel overwhelm at times (or constantly) with all the choices and decisions you have to make, and it’s important to you that you run your business in a way that works for your heart – then The Village is for you.

All are equally welcome here in The Village.

Whichever one works best for you. ¬†You won’t be questioned about it or judged for it.

You’re free to adjust your payment up or down at any time without question.


Everything in The Village is and always will be included at your monthly fee. 

There is only one exception to this policy: Steve may offer specialized group coaching or facilitated mastermind groups, if requested, and due to the ongoing commitment required for something like that, Steve may charge extra to lead / facilitate those types of groups.

Steve does not view Villagers nor The Village as a part of his “marketing funnel.”¬†

This space is the kind of unique, online, loving-kindness based, practical business support combined with sincere nourishment for the heart and soul that Steve always dreamed of and is masterful at facilitating.

This space is focused on live and interactive support that most business owners need, at a price-point that is sustainable.

The coaching, guidance, and practical wisdom is delivered when you need it, how you want it (audio, video, or text in many cases), with clear, implementable steps so you don’t stay stuck.

We use an entirely new vernacular for business which is refreshing, nourishing, and drastically eliminates energetic roadblocks.

There are no marketing posts allowed, so you won’t be navigating through endless offers, upsells, or giving your email out constantly.

More questions? Please ask!