Does any of this sound like you?

You are passionate about your business.

You need and want to be in better relationship with your business.  Part of that means it needs to be making more money. Part of that means it needs to feel easier, more simple and fun.

You’ve taken course after course, attended webinars, and you’re signed up for dozens and dozens of newsletters.  They’ve been good (mostly), but you’re still not thriving.

You are determined to stay connected to your heart, love and kindness.

It’s important that you remain balanced – from taking action, to getting rest, to pushing through discomfort, to honoring your intuition.

You’re feeling tired of the struggle, but you aren’t willing or ready to give up.

photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

If that resonates for you, then you’re in the right spot.

Does this sound like the kind of support you want and need?

It can feel impossible to know what you need, and when you need it.

Consider in your heart if any of this resonates:

You want to be treated like an individual human – a loving, caring person that matters; not like a member of a large group in a large course.

Individual attention is important so you can focus in on what’s going on for you and in your business.

Making more money is important, but not at the expense of your heart or mental health.

You may already have lots of knowledge, or tried lots of things – and you’re willing to try more new things – but you also don’t want to keep spinning your wheels. What you really want is someone to help you identify what isn’t working, why it’s not working, and most importantly,  how to make it start working.

You want to work with someone who runs a successful business, and runs it in a way that is in integrity – clean, easy, flowing, fun and profitable both in the front of the house and back of the house.

Free from icky manipulation – both in how the business is run, and in what is taught.

A place where inclusion, diversity and consciousness around the illnesses which plague capitalism are named and faced with humility and willingness to learn, to name only a few: patriarchy, racism, privilege, agism, sexism, gender bias, fat shaming, heterosexism, ablism, consumerism, etc.

In a flexible business model where there is conscious attention placed on affordability and accessibility.

photo by Felix’s Endless Journey on Flickr.

That’s what I believe in.  How about you?

Your effective support program needs to include these elements…

  • Reasonably Priced

    High quality, individual support that is reasonably affordable for where you are in business.

  • Readily Accessible

    A variety of ways and times to communicate and connect to receive guidance and support.

  • A Long-Term Relationship

    Solid business building doesn't happen in small chunks, it happens over time.

  • Balanced

    You need support that honors both your heart & soul, as well as the nitty-gritty details of business.

  • Flexible & Compassionate

    The right support for as long as you need it. Consciousness toward how business and personal life intertwine.

Is this really possible?

It’s okay if you aren’t convinced – the bar is set pretty high. I’m guessing that’s how you work too. (Not without compassion, but still, we want to perform with our very best.)  It’s something that you can only know for sure by trying things out and getting a better feel for the integrity of what I’m saying.

You don’t have to rush. There’s no push. You don’t get any bonus material if you act by a “due date.”

If you want support – only get that support because it’s right for you… never because you get an extra bonus or are rushed into it.  Fair enough?

So, if you’d like to check out more, I’d recommend two things:

What Options Are Right for You?
What Options Are Right for You?

Take a quick look at the services page to see if something there might be a good fit. And, if you aren’t sure, you can schedule a brief call with me to talk about your business. Yep… I’ll actually talk to you before you buy something. Shocking, I know. 😉

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Nourish & Inspire Your Day!

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