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Can you get the kind of support you want and need, based on the skills and qualities I deliver?

You are passionate about your business.

You need and want to be in better relationship with your business. Part of that means it needs to be making more money. Part of that means it needs to feel less overwhelming and daunting.

Despite trying a lot of things (courses, classes, coaches, etc.) things still feel way harder than you you expected.

You are determined to stay connected to your heart, love and kindness.

It’s important that you remain harmonious – from taking action, to getting rest, to pushing through discomfort, to honoring your intuition.

You’re feeling tired of the struggle, but you aren’t willing or ready to give up.

Does any of that sound like you?
If so, you're the kind of person who usually benefits from my kind of support.

Here are some of the qualities of how I work:

You are an individual human – a loving, caring person that matters; your humanity comes first.

Individual attention is important so you can focus in on what’s going on for you and in your business.

Making more money is important, but not at the expense of your heart or mental health.

You're willing to do the hard work of healing trauma, learning how to tend to your nervous system and sensitivities.

You may already have lots of knowledge, or tried lots of things – and you’re willing to try more new things – but you also don’t want to keep spinning your wheels. What you really want is someone to help you identify what isn’t working, why it’s not working, and most importantly, how to make it start working.

You want to work with someone who runs a successful business, and runs it in a way that is in integrity – clean, easy, flowing, fun and profitable both in the front of the house and back of the house.

Free from icky manipulation – both in how the business is run, and in what is taught.

You prefer to work with a business and owner that is overtly anti-racism, environmentally and socially conscious and is actively working to transform capitalism.

It's important to work with someone educated and alert to unhealthy power dynamics, and someone willing to name, face, and dismantle - with humility and willingness to learn - toxic systemic issues such as: patriarchy, racism, privilege, agism, sexism, gender bias, fat shaming, heterosexism, ablism, consumerism, etc.

You want a flexible business model where there is conscious attention placed on affordability, accessibility, and where you're never locked into a rigid agreement.

The kind of support programs I believe in include these elements...


High quality, individual support that is reasonably affordable for where you are in business.


Therapeutic support which considers the potential impact of trauma on your capacity.


Considers how things like ADHD, autism, High Sensitivity, and Depression affect how you work.

Polyvagal Theory

Trained in how the nervous system influences how we connect with our own hearts and with others.


A variety of ways and times to communicate and connect to receive guidance and support.

Balanced &

You need support that honors your head, heart, body, and soul, as well as the practical details of business

Human Centered

Thoughtfulness toward how business and personal life intertwine, and impact fellow humans.

A Long-Term

Needs change over time. It's important to know that the support goes on as long as it's right for you.

Is this kind of support really possible?

It’s okay if you aren’t convinced – the bar is set pretty high. I’m guessing that’s how you work too. (Not without compassion, but still, we want to show up with our very best, right?) It’s something that you can only know for sure by trying things out and getting a better feel for the integrity of what I’m saying.

You don’t have to rush. There’s no push. You don’t get any bonus material if you act by a “due date.”

If you want support – only get that support because it’s right for you… never because you get an extra bonus or are rushed into it.

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