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How do you make sure the support you're seeking is the kind that will really work for you?

Learn the 4 Principles of Effective Support so you can stop the cycle of constant seeking, and start the cycle of effective healing.

Over time, when you can’t get your business to work, it burns you out.

That can bring up shame, exasperation, and heartbreak, not to mention all the stress, struggle, and anxiety along the way.

You might be pretty convinced that it’s not supposed to be this difficult, but for you, it is that hard.

That’s so real.

It. Is. That. Hard.

Here’s the thing… the fact that it’s hard isn’t because you’re doing it wrong, aren’t committed enough to your success, or haven’t discovered the secret fix for things.

If it was simply a matter of learning new skills, taking more courses, attending another masterclass, or trying harder, then you’d be well on your way by now. Right?

What actually helps you heal, recover, and finally get some traction is skilled business support that attends to and cares for your neurodivergence, trauma, and sensitive nervous system.

Hi! I'm Steve Mattus.

I’m a trauma informed and polyvagal informed business coach.

I have done my own major healing work to learn how to create and run a profitable and sustainable business. My experience helping business owners develop healthy relationship with themselves and their business has spanned over two decades.

I have an extensive and diverse business background which brings a deep level of understanding and experience to business systems and tools. I’m a ninja implementing business processes, a wizard with systems, an engaging teacher, and a very kind-hearted fella.

Where my work stands out most is how I integrate all the businessey and tech stuff with heart. This means that I understand the most challenging things that keep us stuck or overwhelmed – it’s not the practical business training.  

My special brand of magic is compassionately helping you navigate the business challenges that neurodivergence, high sensitivity, and trauma present while growing a business - helping you navigate those challenges in a way that supports the healing process, and moves your business forward in tangible ways.
I believe in more love, not less - all-ways.℠💜

And, I believe that includes you.

Imagine what it would feel like to have more
love ease kindness compassion pleasure understanding
in your life and business!

"It has healed my business shame!"

Come taste the beauty of The Village and the tremendous support that is offered with the experiential culture of more love, not less - all-ways.💜™

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Regulate your Stress Response

Shift from overwhelmed and exhausted to grounded and peaceful by transforming your relationship with your body's stress response with less shame and more compassion.

"Exactly what I needed!"

I hear this every week when I send out my brief notes meant to support and elicit the very best from you, your business, and your relationship to it all – guided through the heart.

1-on-1 Coaching

Deep, compassionate support for you and your relationship with yourself, others, and your business (if you have one).