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Stormy relationship with your business?

You never expected sunny skies every day, but you also didn’t expect it to be quite so tough.

What the heck happened to running a profitable business from your heart with ease and joy?

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You can have more profit and more ease in your business and let love and kindness lead the way.

That’s what you always intended. But instead, you’re here – filled with stress, an unending to do list and frustration.

Re-imagine what running your business would feel like with more profit, ease, joy, freedom, and love (and maybe some rest, too).

It’s still possible for you.

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"Exactly what I needed!"

I hear this every week when I send out my brief notes meant to support and elicit the very best from you, your business, and your relationship to it all – guided through the heart.

Get your first note now...

Spiritually Align your Heart & Business

Staying aligned with your heart is more than half the battle when running a business.

Learn an ancient spiritual practice to help you keep your heart and business in harmony.

Learn the Practice of Remembrance!

Let's get to work!

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Hi!  I’m Steve Mattus

I’ve been supporting business owners for 18+ years and have built multiple successful businesses during that time.

I became an ordained minister back in 1986. I incorporated coaching into my life and business starting in 2009.

I’m a ninja implementing business processes, a grand-master wizard with systems, an engaging teacher and a good-hearted fella with an intuitive gift for integrating deep heart healing.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners bring healing, relief and profitability to their business journey.

You can learn more about me here, if you like.

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If you’re ready for some relief from the storms and turbulence in your business…

…click below to find out if you’re the kind of person that I typically support.  Fair enough?