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Legal disclaimers can often feel like the artwork above – like it binds our hearts, constricting us, keeping us small, and feeling entangled in ways that feel sticky.

The information below is my attempt at revolution. It is meant to be protecting and connecting, for both you and I. My intention is that it will be reflective of and aligned with more love, not less – all-ways.SM💜

Being on this site means...

Hi!  Hello! 👋🏼

Thank you for being here!  I’m so grateful that you decided to visit.  

If you came to my real home, I might ask you to take off your shoes, not put your feet up on the sofa, and go outside if you wanted to smoke. That wouldn’t be weird, right?

Just like that, I’m going to share some things that are really important to understand if you decide to engage with me here in my online home. Is that fair?

(By the way, totally cool if that’s not fair for you… we’ll just have to visit some place other than here.  Maybe send me a text message or something.)

Okay… so… being on this site, engaging with it, reading posts, watching videos, or whatevs means that you understand and agree to my “house rules” which are detailed below.  These “house rules” extend to all the rooms of my online house, which includes my YouTube channel, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, or any other online place where I share my presence.

Since my online home is open to the public, I have to be pretty specific and thorough in the agreement we have to share this space together.  

I’m Steve… you probably know that already. 

I’m a nice fella who enjoys long walks on the beach, holding hands, and snuggling.

Oops!  That was for a different site. ha ha.

You can read more about me here.  That will tell you a lot about what I am.  I also want to share very clearly what I am not.

I am not a doctor, therapist, medical professional, attorney, or financial professional, nor do I play any of these roles on TV. I do not hold any official liscensure to practice in any professional field.  

Nothing I do is meant to be construed as therapy, healing, curative, medicinal, or remedial.

Anything I say or do is in my role as coach only.  

A little about me.

What I share is only general information.

People tell me all the time that something I said was like, “OMG… that was spot on.” and I’m glad to hear it.  Sometimes the wisdom pours forth like melted butterscotch over a yummy scoop of vanilla ice cream.  And, other times – not so much.  

We all make mistakes, are mis/uninformed, and despite our best intentions share things that aren’t in the best interests of others.  I do this too.

So, everything I share in my online home, including all of its rooms, is intended as general information only.

What does that mean?

It means that any words shared, in any format, are not intended to be advice, counsel, therapy, opinion, truth, accurate, ethical, right, or legal.

None of the information I share in any location or format is meant to be a substitute for you getting support from qualified, liscensed professionals.  

Please don’t take anything I ever say or do literally.  Don’t just accept something, apply it, or take action based on anything I say, without first using your own discernment, being crystal clear about your own fully informed consent, and having first consulted appropriate medical, legal, financial, health, or other liscensed professionals.  

Uhmmm…. don’t go changing your relationship status on Facebook just yet.  

No… we’re not in a relationship – personal or professional.  

Please don’t get me wrong – I like you and all… really… you’re really great.  You see… it’s not you… it’s me.  

Just because you’re here in my online house, does not mean that we have any kind of relationship.  You haven’t hired me as your coach (yet… right?), and so, I’m not here serving in any official capacity. (And, if you have hired me as your coach, then we have a working agreement to guide us forward, along with what’s on this page.)

Except being kind.  I’m officially serving in a capacity of extending kindness.  But only that… nothing else.  

So, please don’t take anything here in my online home as if it’s coming through any kind of professional relationship.

And… about that personal relationship… yeah… can we be friends? 

Are we, like, in a relationship?

Oh yeah... about what others have said about me...

If you’ve seen my page of Praise, you know my stand on testimonials.  They’re not actually very valuable, if you think about it.  But, I understand they can help create some safety, and help prove that I’m not some clown.  (I mean no offense to clowns.🤡💖)

As you read what others have said about me, please remember that these are their experiences only.  This does not mean you’ll have a similar experience. It also doesn’t mean that you’ll have similar results.

They, nor I, can promise, guarantee, or predict any particular experience, outcome, or experience. So, anything they share, stories I tell, or examples I give are not meant as an agreement, contract, intention, or promise that it will apply to you or you will have a similar experience.  

This is also true when I say things about others.  While I always share information from or about others in good faith, I can not guarantee, promise, or predict the accuracy, truthfulness, effectiveness, legality, or long-term impact of their experience.

I take responsibility for the actions I take in my life, and I promise to never ask you to be liable for my decisions – even if I’m doing something you suggested.  

In turn, by you visiting my online home (as described above), we are agreed that you and you alone are singularly responsible for any and all actions you take, and will never ask me to be liable for your decisions – even if you’re doing something in response to something I shared here. 

If you experience something that I’ve written or said in my home that you find distasteful, or you believe could be harmful, I encourage you to take responsibility to do two things:

  1. Do not take any action based on what I said.  Instead, seek support from an appropriately licensed professional.
  2. Drop me a line and kindly let me know about your concern so I can responsibly address it.

My intent here is to do no harm and only provide information that may or may not end up being useful to you.

I will make every effort to treat you with more love, not less – all-ways.℠💜

I hope you’ll do the same with me.


So… how’d we do?  

I’m feeling a bit more like the image below.  Liberated, free, unbound… and I think we agreed to be friends, right?