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Updated: April 18, 2024

∞actualinfinity is an LGBTQIA2S+* and Neurodivergent owned company which actively commits to Anti-Racism, ethics, equity, diversity, justice, inclusion, and integrity in every aspect of life and business.

I commit to living and working to a high ethical standard in my life and business.  My ethical standards go far beyond my marketing and other things you can observe.

I commit to naming and facing the toxic systems we are all living and participating in, including the resulting trauma, stress, overwhelm, and intense overstimulation.  I also acknowledge the many intersections of privilege which I benefit from every day.

I commit to recognizing the ongoing oppressive trauma that Black, Brown, Indigenous, and other People of Color face every day – especially women, whether they be LGBTQIA2S+, disabled, fat, trans, etc.

I commit to being anti-racist in every way I know how, do my best, and do better every day through education, practice, and willingness to get it wrong, make corrections, and repair.

I commit to doing all I can to dismantle systems of oppression, privilege, inequity, and hate – which includes capitalism, misogyny, patriarchy, anti-trans culture, white supremacy, white-centricity, nationalism, USA-centrism, heteronormativity, neurotypical focus, anti-fat healthcare, etc.

I commit to courageously speaking about these things openly, naming them when I observe them in myself or others.  While I will certainly make mistakes… when I do, I will be willing to learn and be observably accountable.  I will also do all I can to repair any harm that I have caused.

I commit to fairly compensating Black and Indigenous Women, or Black Fem labor fairly.

I commit to run my business in a way that acknowledges power dynamics – naming them, respecting them, and working to dismantle unhealthy dynamics in any role with clients or business partners. 

I commit to valuing and respecting fully-informed consent and inquiring regularly through relationship to ensure understanding if mutual consent is enthusiastically given, retracted, or withheld – no questions asked.

I commit to a business that is free from manipulation, coercion, or exploitation in its marketing, business and financial practices, and in delivery of services. 

I commit to pricing equity through dynamic conversations and flexible price structures.

I commit to continuing my education and learning about disability injustice, and how I participate in that in conscious and unconscious ways.  As I learn, I will do everything in my power to dismantle any of my own expressions or behaviors which contribute to the harm of the disabled.

I believe in living and doing business in alignment with my personal and professional values, which only matters for accountability if you make those values public.

My personal values are: mahaba ikhlas, serene harmony, attentive presence, sapient intricacy, sacred spirit/ual/ity.

The values of ∞actualinfinity are: Love, Relationship, Justice, Curiosity, Accessibility.

*LGBTQIA2S+: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Two Spirit. The + is an all-encompassing representation of any other sexual or gender identity you may prefer.